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Some secrets are worth taking to the grave.

Insanely hot guy she goes home to every night? Yep. Honey has that.

Wayward teenager taken in as part of the family? Yep. That happened too.

Family dog? Of course. Because what else could make her newfound family perfect?

And it couldn’t be more perfect.

The only problem?

Honey’s supposed to be on the run.

Cap thought happiness belonged to his past. His present? His future? Not a chance.

Not until Honey. She filled that emptiness in him. Showed him he deserved more. Reminded him what love could be with the right person.

But when the threat Honey’s been hiding from shows up on the eve of a hurricane—everything and everyone she loves could get swept away by the storm.

Cap lost one family. It all but destroyed him.

Now, there’s a new danger. Cap will scorch the enemy and the earth they stand on until their existence is reduced to ash.

He won’t let anyone or anything hurt the woman he loves.

Except Honey isn’t who Cap thinks. And when the truth comes out—he’ll never look at her the same again.

The heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat conclusion to the Crow’s Nest series.