Whiskey, Wine, and Writing – Pitchwars Special

Whiskey, Wine, and Writing are livestreams with #Pitchwars Mentors. Hosted by myself and Tiffany Rosenthal we talk about writing, queries, and have tons of fun bringing in generalized silliness. Beware: we are loud and a little bit crazy.

Episode One: Impromptu Start To The Show With Special Guest Appearance of #Pitchwars creator and author Brenda Drake – 8/15/2014

Episode Two: Q&A with #Pitchwars Mentor and Amazon Romance Series Bestselling Author Rebecca Yarros – 8/17/2014

Episode Three: Q&A With #Pitchwars YA Mentor Erica Chapman – 8/18/2014

Episode Four: #Pitchwars, ALS Icebucket Challenge, Synopsis, and another appearance by Brenda Drake! – 8/19/2014

Episode Five: Q&A With #Pitchwars MG Mentor and author Brooks Benjamin! – 8/20/2014

Episode Six: #Pitmad, #GetOffMyLawnCon, #BakersDozen, Queries, & More8/25/2014

Episode Seven: Q&A with #Pitchwars Mentors Shana Silver and Veronica Bartles – 8/26/2014

Episode Eight: Q&A With #Pitchwars Mentors Jennifer Blackwood and Brighton Walsh – 8/27/2014

Episode Nine: #Pitchwars, Plaguerism, Debut Novels, and more! – 9/1/2014

Episode Ten: #Pitchwars Grand Reveal/Games/Prizes Guest Host Nikki Roberts, Brenda Drake and several more AWESOME mentors! – 10/3/2014