Natasha was very professional and easy to work with.  She provided timely edits and was able to point out my bad habits ensuring I become a better writer.  I will be sure to turn to her to edit my future projects!

Jax Jillian

Natasha Raulerson was my Pitchwars mentor in 2015. Throughout the competition, Tasha was helpful and attentive, answering emails quickly and checking in with me often. She always had a positive spin and was extremely encouraging.

She is a talented writer, and helped me take my writing to the next level. Super sharp at polishing sentence structure, turns of phrases and helping me raise the quality of my writing, Tasha had no end of insights and effective suggestions.

Natasha is also great at spotting plot holes and inconsistencies in story lines. I was lucky to have her for a mentor and benefited so much from her valuable writing advice.

Ava Quinn – Pitchwars Mentee

Natasha’s query critique cut through to the heart of my story and helped bring out the really important parts of my book. I’d read so much about how to write a query but to have someone actually point out where it was weak, where it needed work, where there was too much back story was invaluable. Natasha did it with kindness and a sharp editorial mind.

Two days after sending out the revised version she had helped me with I got a full request that turned into an offer of representation!

Author Claire Zeschky

Sometimes, as a writer, it’s hard to be objective with our own work—especially our query letters—because our minds are so fully immersed in the worlds that we have created. Natasha’s feedback on my query was not only objective, but insightful, thorough, and strategic. She pointed out inconsistencies, gaps between one big plot point and the next, as well as the importance of laying out the ultimate stakes of the book. With Natasha’s help, I was able to formulate a query letter that hit all of the key areas, while still being true to my own voice.

Meg LaTorre

Natasha’s feedback is worth its weight in gold, because you can bet it’s not sugarcoated—no worries, it’s not squishing the life out of your little writer’s heart either (which is good, because otherwise I’d still be recovering). She has a knack for finding what needs improvement and then offers constructive criticism and advice. From speeding up the pace and finding the right starting point, to cutting back some fat and getting to the meat, or getting some activity into the passiveness that were my characters—and did I mention she’s a pitch-wizard? Seriously, from my query and first chapter alone she came up with pitches that made me cry, because they were that good, and I obviously hadn’t thought of them myself. Needless to say I put her on speed dial.


Micky O’Brady

As a highly valued critique partner, Natasha has elevated my writing, strengthened my prose, and weeded out passive voice. She has a talent for spotting repetition and tiny errors, as well as pointing out sentences that need restructuring or paragraphs where I’m at risk of sending the reader to sleep. She also makes useful suggestions on rephrasing parts that don’t sound quite right, and I always take her comments on board. She’s made such a positive difference to my writing and I’m happy as a clam.

Author E.L. Wicker

“As one of my critique partners, Natasha has helped me improve my writing with her great eye for detail. Always honest, she gives constructive feedback that allows me to make my words the best I can. She won’t sugar coat her comments, but that’s what makes her awesome. She spots the odd dialogue, the places where I give too much detail…rambling and rambling forever (like that), where I get carried away with my mc’s internal thoughts, as well as pointing out all the scenes she loves.”

Author Kathleen Palm

“Natasha’s critique of my YA first chapter was above and beyond what I expected. Her inline comments and edits were not only detailed, they also offered very actionable advice. She pointed out repetitive words, areas where I strayed from the MC’s voice, places to trim the fat, and more. Her suggestions have given me the spark I need to dive back in and tighten up my writing. Without a doubt, I’ll reach out to her again when I’m ready for more editorial assistance.”

Jennifer Mary G

“As Tasha’s CP, I’ve come to experience her editing skills in full swing. She helped me when my pace was dragging, can spot “fake-sounding” dialogue in the blink of an eye, and was never afraid to tell me where to cut and why. Not only that, she’s great with queries and was a HUGE help when I needed to whip mine into shape.

More importantly, she’s completely honest, a quality that’s invaluable in anyone critiquing your work. I know my books are better after she looks them through!”

Author Diana Pinguicha Connors

“Natasha gave me some great insight into how to fix my manuscript. I knew the beginning wasn’t right, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. With Natasha’s help, I managed to find the right starting point and improve the pacing significantly. ”

Author Laura Heffernan