Natasha Raulerson

Tuesday Tastings – Airplane Food

This morning, before this blog is even posted, I’ll be boarding a plane and heading for Texas. I’m not the greatest of fliers. I don’t throw up or anything, but I tend to grip the arm rests, mutter under my breath at every bit of turbulence, and count the seconds until we land. I have control issues. I never claimed to have any sort of sanity, so don’t look so shocked.


This will be first time flying First Class. Now, I’ve never traveled on a plane for more than two hours. No extensive trips outside the US or to the other side of the country. The truth is I’d rather take a cruise or drive. Seriously, I’m like Dean Winchester. There’s a reason I drive everywhere. If I had a spare car, and tons of money for gas, and I wasn’t using miles for the flight, thus making it free, I probably would have driven. I’d make it a road trip, stop and see the sights, talk with the locals, and hopefully not get lost on Route 66 and eaten by some hybrid cryptozoological animal.

I’m getting off track.

The point IS, I’ve never actually had airplane food, other than packages of peanuts, which I’m under the impression they don’t serve anymore. I know they serve alcohol, however every time I ever WANTED alcohol to settle my nerves, they were out of everything I drank.

So inconsiderate!

But, since I’m going to be in first class, I have to wonder–will I get food? What kind of food? Will it taste good? Will it just be snacks? Do I only get a soda? Do I have to pay for any liquor I get–HEY IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE and I hate planes.

Regardless, the above questions had me wondering about people who HAVE actually been on a plane and eaten their cuisine. Is it good, bad, indifferent?

If they serve food, I’m going to eat it–and hopefully not throw up.

An odd Tuesday Tasting, but hey, they can’t all be winners!


Natasha Raulerson

Tuesday Tastings – Chocolate Is My Addiction

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you’re allergic, I forgive you, because you can’t have it and that’s understandable. I don’t think I’ve ever met one person in the world who doesn’t like chocolate. It’s addicting, it’s perfection. If I somehow got stranded on a deserted island ala Wreckage by Emily Bleeker  I would die from chocolate withdrawals.  If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, chocolate would be it.

I know, I know. Some people are like, but eating that much chocolate isn’t good for you!

Hey, I never claimed to be the healthiest eater. I’ve cut down on eating out, fried foods, and a lot of other things, but I don’t care if the apocalypse hits. I’ll run in the store getting chocolate, canned foods, and toilet paper–in that order. Yeah, I know. Priorities and all that.  But seriously, it’s CHOCOLATE!!

Recently on WWWriting, we mentioned Dove Chocolate to help keep positive. Not only do they have great chocolate, but they have inspirational quotes on the wrapper. They really need to go ahead and make chocolate bags dedicated to writers. They have no idea how much that would fly off the shelves.


But eh hem yes! What is the one snack you guys could not live without?



Tuesday Tastings – I Got a Pickle, Hey, Hey!

Someone once told my daddy that they didn’t allow their kids to go in the fridge after school. They had snacks in the pantry they could eat. My daddy looked right back at them and laughed.

“You couldn’t keep Tasha out of the fridge when she was little,” he said. “The only snack that youngin’ wanted was the sourest damn pickle she could find.”

That holds true to this day. My favorite pickles are the Mt. Olive garlic dills. Seriously, I can eat the shit out of them!

Unfortunately, most restaurants don’t have pickles on the side, unless they’re a sub shop or burger place. (Sandwiches are a tasting for another day though).  However, in the last few years, restaurants have added a very yummy appetizer to their menu that I will always get if listed.

Fried Pickles

Seriously, I’m a Southern Girl. I eat odd ball things. I will try anything once. I can’t say I don’t like it if I never had it. If you’ve never had a deep fried pickle, I suggest trying them. Specifically at Buffalo Wild Wings if you have them. Dip it in a little zesty ranch and good to go.  It makes me happy and gives me my pickle fix.

I prefer the chips to the spears when it comes to this appetizer, but eh either way a deep fried pickles =