Initializing: Somnia Online Book 1 by KT Hanna

Discover the class you were born to play.

Wren, a seasoned healer, is dismayed when Somnia Online automatically assigns her character, Murmur, to the Enchanter class. Determined to overcome the unexpected setback, she assembles her guild, intent on the coveted #1 spot. Twelve keys stand between her and victory, but finding them is only part of the puzzle.

Armed with telepathic abilities, Murmur rises to the challenge. However, old rivals have followed her to Somnia Online desperate for revenge. Intricate quest lines become more dangerous as NPCs absorb powerful artifacts, and Murmur begins to wonder just what sort of AI controls the world.

Murmur questions her sanity as the real and virtual worlds mesh together. Everyone is keeping secrets from her, even the AI, and Murmur’s determined to uncover them.

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A skeleton shambled to the left, its bones creaking softly as it jangled about. Straight ahead was a spider with ridiculously long legs, and off to the right was a cluster of so mething she couldn’t make out. All of the mobs she could see were yellow, probably at least level three. But if she didn’t try, she’d never know.

Feeling reckless , she cast minor suffocation and pulled the skeleton toward her. The fact that the spell manag ed to convince an undead creature it was being strangled was quite amazing. It let out a cackle and jangled over to her as she backed up, hoping to let a third tick hit before it reached her. This time her spell was hitting for five and four. A slight incr ease was at least something. The skeleton flailed a wooden staff in the air and Murmur hoped against hope her hit points would outlast it.

Then it was upon her, three ticks of her Damage Over Time down. The thing was tall and gangly and she realized these skeletons had to be locus , too. Even its empty sockets glowed, like some type of magic possessed it. Considering it was a walking skeleton, that probably wasn’t far from the truth. It swung at her, and barely missed when she managed to dodge. She could fee l the heaviness of her body, and the unwillingness with which it made the movement. That was probably her one dodge for the next twenty. She’d better make it count.

Killing a skeleton was far more difficult than a beetle. For one thing, it was already bloo dy dead. That blasted staff hurt too, though not as much as the pincer claws had. It made Murmur wonder if locus could bruise. Finally, after what seemed like an age, she managed to hack its skull off. She leaned forward and looted the mob. It had twelve c opper on it. Maybe skeletons were a good idea for a while with or without her quest. Not only that, the staff it had been wielding was hers as well.

“Score,” she muttered to herself, aware she was probably grinning like a loon. Sure, her staff skills were n’t up to par but she was sure it wouldn’t take too long. It’s not like melee did most of her damage or anything.


Author Bio:

K.T. Hanna

KT Hanna has such a love for words, a single one can spark entire worlds.
Born in Australia, she met her husband in a computer game, moved to the U.S.A. and went into culture shock. Bonus? Not as many creatures specifically designed to kill you.
KT creates science-fiction, fantasy, and LitRPG like it’s going out of style, with a dash of horror for fun! She freelance edits for Chimera Editing, plays computer games, and chases her daughter, husband, corgis, cats, and snake.

No, she doesn’t sleep. She is entirely powered by the number 2, caffeine, Chipotle, and sarcasm.

K.T. can be found in the following places:



Natasha Raulerson

Back To The Future – On Writer’s Block & Editing

Sometimes finding that next word or that next sentence isn’t so easy. This can happen 10k or 50k words into that work-in-progress. If you’re lucky, it never happens, but for the majority, there is always that moment that catches us. That makes it hard for fingers to brush over the keyboard in fluid movements. Instead, it’s jagged tap-a-taps before hitting the backspace key–and somewhere in between is usually the overwhelming urge to throw said keyboard out the window. Not that the sudden block is the keyboards fault, but let’s face it, keyboards probably get more abuse from writers than anyone else. Mine has so much wear and tear that the letters have worn off the keys, and honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t cracked the damn thing. The keyboard is the medium from which we transport our thoughts to the screen–and sometimes, we’re very, very mean to it when we can’t make the correlation.


So, what can we do to not only keep the words flowing, but to maybe not beat up the poor, innocent, and too-often abused keyboard?

Well there are some tactics. Maybe pushing forward works for you. Writing crap upon crap until finally it gives way to the diamonds in the rough that make the story flow again. Most times those original craptastic words are deleted and rewritten later, but if that’s the method that works, then that’s the method that works.

I tend to be the person who stares and stares and stares and wonders why my fingers aren’t moving. Then I note twenty-minutes have passed and the most I’ve achieved is three words and being mesmerized by the cursor blinking on the page.

Realizing that this method is not helping me get any work done, I’ve opted to try something new.



So what does that mean in writer terms exactly? Well, I was listening to K.M. Weiland’s podcast and she mentioned that about every third of her manuscript she goes back and edits. She also mentioned that some authors get caught in a sort of loophole where they forever edit what they already have and never continue on. I used to be that writer, so going back to edit while writing makes me reluctant. I don’t want to fall in that loophole again.

However, when I can’t push forward, it makes me wonder if something has gone wrong in what I already wrote, or rather, in the past of my manuscript. How have I wound up struggling so hard to write that next line? Well, the only way to figure that out is to go to the past–or what I’ve already written in the world I’m working on. To read over what I already have and see if I need to change something, or, what’s more likely, I may have forgotten a detail that’s meant to push the plot forward. Weaving together a plot is pretty damn hard. So by going back and rereading what’s already there, details that are forgotten in the whirlwind of the rough draft pop back out, and things are remembered, thus I can change the future of my manuscript. Making notes in the sidebar (I have Scrivener) can definitely help the process of not over editing–something that may keep you stuck in the past.

Instead of adding the actual detail that may be needed to enhance a scene, jot a note down so when you’re going through your first round of revisions, you remember what you need to do. Sure, fix a misspelled word, or maybe add a bit of dialogue if it comes to you, but don’t DO all the actual editing–at least if you’re like me and will get caught in that forever-editing-loop instead of finishing the manuscript.

By reading through the past, new ideas pop to mind. New avenues to take, paths to carves, 10_21_15_alison_greatscottcharacters to enhance or create. You may get through one chapter or four before that “GREAT SCOTT!” moment hits and you’re jumping back to the future of your manuscript to work on that scene with renewed vigor–and a safely intact keyboard.

I’ve learned this method keeps my mind in the manuscript, makes the gears spin in regards to the what has happened as well as what needs to happen, and helps me come up with ideas of where to take it based on where I’ve already been–and just like Marty and Doc, sometimes I wind up finding a nugget that with a little tweaking, lets me change the future into something much better than I originally imagined.

At the very least, I’ve got some notes jotted for when I actually start the full editing process.

Give it a shot. If nothing else, your keyboard will thank you.

Natasha Raulerson


Coming June 14, 2016 from Avon Impulse

SignsOfAttraction HiRes

Do you know what hearing loss sounds like? I do.

All my life I’ve tried to be like you. I’ve failed.

So I keep it hidden.

But on the day my world crashed down around me, Reed was there.

He showed me just how loud and vibrant silence can be, even when I struggled to understand.

He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever known. His soulful eyes and strong hands pulled me in before I knew what was happening.

And as I saw those hands sign, felt them sparking on me, I knew: imperfect could be perfect.

Reed makes me feel things I’ve never felt. It’s exciting…and terrifying.

Because he sees me like no one else has, and I’m afraid of what he’ll find if he looks too closely.

The only thing that scares me more than being with him? Letting him go.

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About the Author

web head shot squareLaura Brown lives in Massachusetts with her quirky abnormal family. Her husband’s put up with her since high school, her young son keeps her on her toes, and her three cats think they deserve more scratches. Hearing loss is a big part of who she is, from her own Hard of Hearing ears, to the characters she creates.


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Friday Fact – Writing and The Brain

Sounds like a bad play off Pinky and The Brain doesn’t it?

I’m showing my age, I know. Friday Facts seem to be the hardest theme for me to come up with. I might start narrowing it down a little bit more, maybe some random movie trivia or something like that. Ooooh I can make it into a game! That’d be fun.

I will ponder on that. Today, however, this Friday Fact comes to you via Best Info Graphics. I was perusing the web, trying to figure out what to put on the blog today and I stumbled across these amazing tidbits:

I’m not going into detail on this, because reading it yourself means you can draw your own conclusions. I just found it fascinating and wanted to share it. Make sure you check out the Best Info Graphics website as well. A huge thanks to them for this awesome image–that may or may not have saved my bacon on my first Friday Facts.


Holy Crap It’s 2015 & Five Page Critique Giveaway

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to move forward. The past is great, and I always learn so much there, but moving forward, at least in my opinion, is the only way to live. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.

I start classes again on Monday. That vacation just flew by! Not that I mind really. I prefer to be multitasking and learning. My writing got a great boost over the vacation though. Those last few weeks leading up to grad put a damper on them, but hey, Fiona and I are having a great time exploring her story. She’s a wild one, I’ll tell ya what!

So, here are my goals for this year. I say goals because, well, it’s a continuation of what I’ve already achieved. Not a resolution.

1.) Continue in my pursuits to publish REDEMPTION.

2.) Finish VALKYRIE (no not the actual title, but what I’m calling it till I figure out what I’m…well calling it.)

Planning on having a mini me this year.

3.) Have a little tot with the hubs. Yeah, we’re planning on starting our family this year! (I know..a mini me running around? Yeah that’s a little scary. 😀 )

4.) Getting my tattoo done on Thursday, so ya know, that’s pretty much happening soon. Pics will come after.

5.) Get my Critique Service going. Oh! Right! I need to mention that.

I’ve started a critique and editorial service, the details of which can be found HERE. I’m actually doing a free promo right now. Leave a comment on THIS blog post or on my FACEBOOK post about it, and I will pick one random winner to get a free five page critique by me.

I’ve done plenty of editing, critiquing, and beta reading. My degree is geared toward English and Creative Writing, so I figured while I’m in school a great job would be to do what I love. Read and edit. I like this idea.  Hopefully, others do as well.

So, if you’re looking for a full or partial manuscript critique, feel free to fill out the form and let me know. We’ll talk and see if I’m the right editor for you.

I’m looking forward to the next leg in my writing journey.  I’ve met so many wonderful people in the last year and hope to meet more.







Whiskey, Wine, & Writing – The Return!

Whiskey, Wine, & Writing

is back due to overwhelming request. We are beyond stoked that you guys love the show so much.

That being said, I’ve been trying to work out a schedule and implement things so we have a decent show for you guys each week. We’ll see about maybe getting some guest authors and other awesome people on the show, maybe do some give-a-ways and other awesome stuff.

Right now, I’m hoping to have one show a week–the exact day is still to be determined. With the exception of competition fun (for contests such as pitchwars, etc) the show will only be an hour long. For special occasions it will probably run over.

If you are interested in GUEST HOSTING feel free to email me at:

Also, please use the above email for anything blog or WWW related.

Whiskey, Wine, & Writing Topics May Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • General Writing
  • Grammar Stuff
  • Contests
  • Twitter
  • Book Topics
  • Pet Peeves
  • Rants
  • Awesome Authors
  • Awesome Agents
  • Frustration With The Writing Process
  • Drunken Ramblings
  • Things That Occupy Your Desk
  • How To’s
  • Don’t Do’s
  • And Penguin Overlords Ruling The World.

The first show will commense on 9/27/2014 at 6pm EST. 

Leave your comments and thoughts!