Whiskey, Wine, & Writing – Episode Seven – Don’t Cry Over Spilled Queries

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Welcome to Episode Seven!

In the past, we’ve talked about having an awesome group of people to help you through your writing journey. Tonight, Nikki and I will be discussing the ups and downs of querying. However, we will NOT be talking about our own stats list, as that’s a big no, no in the publishing world, which is probably the first thing we’ll talk about.

I’ll admit, this week has caught up with me, and I’m woefully unprepared, but Nikki Roberti is all about that awesome, bout that awesome and has saved the show this week, so a special thanks to her.

In case you haven’t seen Nikki on the show before, she’s most awesome, a Pitchwars Mentee, and such an amazing person all around.

Check out her website and twitter. You won’t be disappointed.

Websites to check out: 





Some Do Not Do’s:

-Don’t complain on a public media or social website about your rejections.

-Don’t blog about your rejections.

-Don’t give up because you’ve been rejected.

-Don’t ever write in a query that they won’t regret requesting your work.

-Don’t ever tell them that they’ll regret NOT requesting your work.

-Don’t ever act like they are a buddy you’re emailing.

-Don’t ever stop improving your work.

-Do not query before your manuscript has been edited, polished, critiqued, edited again, critiqued again, and you are sure it’s as good as it can be.

Some Do’s

-Read up on how to write a query

-Find a community or a critique partner to go over it.

-Be professional in the query letter.

-Research an agent before you submit.

-Triple and quadruple check the guidelines before submitting.

-Triple and quadruple check your query for any errors before submitting.

-Know the general guidelines for the work you’re submitting ie, word count for the genre, if they want a synopsis, in which way to submit.

We’ll also be touching base on a few other topics like Pitchwars, NaNoWriMo, and more!


NaNoWriMo Countdown

Halloween is almost here! YAY! I can’t wait! I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. Besides the ghouls, goblins, and costumes galore, it signifies NaNoWriMo Eve! At least with all the trick or treating, bobbing for apples, and hanging out with good friends, I’ll be distracted enough not to be counting down the seconds. I actually have a countdown timer on my phone. Yes! I’m that excited.

I was going to add one to my blog, but yeah, I’m not that tech savvy at the moment. I’m not feeling so hot this morning, so we’ll chalk it up to that.

I’m dying to start Without Incident. It’s driving ba-na-naaas. I went to the first portion of my NaNoWriMo regional KO Party. Meeting the members was a lot of fun. Our liaison is awesome. She works very hard to keep everyone informed, answer questions, and be there for everyone. It’s not an easy task. Be grateful to your regional liaison. They don’t have to do this, but do to make it a better opportunity for everyone.

Whiskey, Wine, & Writing will commence a bit late on Saturday since it’s the first day of NaNo. I’ll be talking about meeting word count goals, interacting with your local chapter, forum use, and writing buddies. Also time management skills. I’m taking three eight week classes to graduate in December.

But I will find a way to make all this work. I’m a writer, I write. I go to school to become a better writer.  Anytime there’s a writing event I can be apart of, I’m jumping in. I’ll find the time. I think most writers don’t need time so much as motivation. All the things I’ll be talking about on Whiskey, Wine, & Writing will be talking about the motivation to pump out those 50k words in one month.

Novels, Blog Posts, WriMo, and Writing – OH MY!

It’s been a minute or two since I’ve done a straight up written blog post. Most of the posts this day have to do with Whiskey, Wine, & Writing. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been watching. I’m having a lot of fun doing it, and I get to hang out with some great people. There’s been a ton of things going on with me these days–and yes, I’m still writing! In fact, book number three is all conceptualized and ready to go. I’m just impatiently waiting for the arrival of November 1st to start NaNoWrimo.

No promises I’ll make it that long. Each  night I go to bed I’m coming up with new scenes for WITHOUT INCIDENT as I’m calling it. I’m ten ways excited to start it.

But, before I get involved in the new project, let me take some time to appreciate and say thank you to some people who helped me with REDEMPTION, which is now out to query.

Tiffany Hofmann – My most epic CP partner. @THofAuthor

EL Wickers – Who is always so supportive and insightful. @ELWickers

Diana Pinguicha – For the thoughts, comments, and motivation she offers from Beta Reading. @Pinguicha

Kathy Palm – Who knows how to layer things like no one else. @KathleenPalm

And a special thanks to JENNIFER BLACKWOOD who was kind enough to help me with my query.

Without the help of these wonderful women, REDEMPTION would not be where it is. Make sure you check out and follow their blogs and stalk them on twitter.

For the moment, I’ve decided to stop querying BLOOD MOON. While it will always be near and dear to my heart, someone recently said, you only get one debut, and I just don’t think it’s meant to be that particular book. So, it shall sit on the shelf until I think the time is right and I’ll go from there. Right now, I’ll be focusing on REDEMPTION and WITHOUT INCIDENT.

WHEW! There’s a lot of stuff coming up! Saturday, the lovely Jennifer Blackwood will be on Whiskey, Wine, & Writing talking about her debut novel – UNETHICAL! There will also be a giveaway, so make sure you tune in! Bring any and all questions you may have for Jen! We’ll be around from 8pm-9pm eastern time!

Next month we also have Brighton Walsh, Matt Cox, and Rhonda Helms joining us on the show. We’ll also be talking about NaNoWriMo. Speaking of, I’m doing some guest blogs over at the official Ft. Lauderdale WriMo Blog found here.

Whiskey, Wine, & Writing is a lot of fun, and I’m so grateful to have these wonderful authors on the show!

If you’re a published author and would like to come on, talk about your book, do a giveaway etc, feel free to email me at thirtynerdyfabulous(at)gmail(dot)com.

All right folks, that’s it for today’s Blog Post. I will see you all Saturday for Whiskey, Wine, & Writing!

Whiskey, Wine, & Writing – Episode Three

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Greetings faithful viewers! Welcome to the third episode of Whiskey, Wine, & Writing! If this is your first time joining us, we’re just an hour long show with people talking about writing, having a few drinks, and having some fun! If you go through the Google Link you can interact and ask questions.

Guest Hosts

Emma Wickers

Kathleen Palm


– Novel Word Counts

Rhonda Helms – Scratch Debut (You can find an excerpt on my blog here)


-Pantsers vs. Plotters

– Adverbs & Passive Writing

– Synopsis Writing

You Just Won Wrimo! What Are You Gonna Do Next?

It has been a long, grueling month and Thanksgiving hasn’t even hit yet.   The holiday season makes it extremely hard to get a wordcount in.  People are constantly calling, plans are being made, and there is no possible way – unless you leave the house – that people aren’t going to talk to you about something from decorations to gift ideas.  As a writer, it can be and is utterly frustrating.

Yeah, it’s easy to feel like this during the holidays.

So of course, NanoWrimo would fall in November – when this lovely, crazy time of year starts.  Maybe the beginning of November isn’t too hard to to deal with, but as it gets closer to Turkey Day (at least for those of us in America) the family starts coming out of the wood work, smelling the phantom aroma of Turkey that isn’t going to be made for at least a week yet – but they all have their requests.  Different potatoes, or appetizers, or deserts.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

On top of allll that, you’re trying to write 50k words in thirty days.  It’s a bitch ain’t it?

But!  It is possible!

I know.  Because I did it!

That’s right, this chickadee did the challenge!


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve finished Wrimo, I’ve got finals, the holidays are coming up, and next semester I’m taking five classes so I’mma be busy as whoa! However, I do plan on working this novel and making it my bitch.   I need it to be between 80 and 100k words.  I figure between the rewrites, transitional scenes, and everything in between to have it make sense, it’s doable.  It’s just not going to be an over night thing.  It’s going to be a lot of work.

I’m game bitches!  And I’m gonna do it.  It’s just the way it is.  However, tonight is the night I finished Wrimo.



Remember, Remember – Write Your Novel In November!

Scrivener is locked and loaded, my novel is outlined, and I’m working on character sheets as Nano quickly approaches.  Amazingly enough I’ve heard the question.

“What is Nanowrimo?”

To which my general reaction is:


Then I remember, I was once naive to the awe of NanoWrimo once myself.  Everyone has to start somewhere, so here’s my little bit to help spread the word.


NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth




I know, I know.  Those of you who have never heard of NanoWrimo might be thinking something along the lines of:

Maybe it is, but creative people are generally crazy in one aspect or another.  In fact, several novels have been published because of NanoWrimo.  There are also people who miserably failed, but learned certain tidbits, made new friends, found critique groups and went on to publish in their own time.  Even if you don’t make the 50k word count by the deadline – it doesn’t mean you have to stop writing it.

The point isn’t to have it polished and edited, but just to have the story down, the words on screen, and the creative juices flowing.  I really suggest giving it a shot.  Many authors have wound up either completing and publishing or having found something really great while trying to do Nano.  The most notable may be Erin Morgenstern who got writer’s block while doing Nano.  She then decided to send her characters to the circus, and thus the wildly popular and phenomenally written book, “The Night Circus” was born.

The great thing about NanoWrimo is you never really know what’s going to happen.

The last two years my strategy has been to come up with a concept and wing it.  So far, that hasn’t really worked out for me.  I always wind up getting lost at some point or another, and because I get stuck, stumble, don’t know which way is up and pray to the muse of creativity for help.


But alas, when I need her the most, she seems to be on vacation.


Nice right?  So in effort to thwart another year of just winging it, I have outlined my entire novel, and I should have my character sheets done by the first.  What does this mean?  This means I will hopefully succeed in writing 50,000 words in thirty days – and even if I don’t, I think I’ve got a pretty good basis to complete the novel and publish it.  Each Nano I learn something new.  Hopefully everyone else does too.

Here’s a little teaser of my novel.  The cover art was done by a friend of mine who has epically awesome graphic skills.

Blood MoonI think having a mock cover is also a great motivator.  Pretties go a long way for inspiration.  It’s mainly that this could be the cover people look at if I not only complete, but publish this novel!


My suggestion is take a shot. Best case scenario, you write a novel.  Worst case scenario – you don’t, but you’ll more than likely have learned something about the craft in some semblance or another.

Good luck everyone! You got this!