Natasha Raulerson

An Adventure In The Keys Part Two: A Re-Engagement

This will fall under Something Happened Saturday, even though it’s Wednesday because this is part two of the Keys adventure this past weekend.

January 30th, 2006 I married the man I knew I’d be with forever. Not kidding. I met the Sexy Hunka Husband when I was in 9th grade. He was a sophmore and we both had the same dreaded Algebra class together. His last name came right before mine, and we were seated alphabetically. Even still, I didn’t meet him until another girl in the class randomly asked him if I thought he was hot with his new haircut.

My cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink and I hid behind a curtain of long, mousy brown hair. “Yes.” So much yes. So very much yes. In fact, so much yes, I went home and told my mom I’d met the man I was going to marry.

After several trials and tribulations, we did. We’ve been together since March of 2000, so whatever year it is, that’s technically however many years we’ve been together.

He proposed to me on our anniversary in 04′. We went to the beach, he wrote out the question in the sand. A picture I still have buried somewhere–this was back before digital photos were the majority of things, sorry guys!  Two years later, we were married at the court house because we couldn’t afford a wedding.

Something I’ve always wanted, and maybe envied a little when my friends got married. Even a small ceremony would suffice. Small, intimate, friends, family, booze, and fun.


The lighthouse behind the hotel near the beach where Hubs re-proposed.

Saturday, October 31st, 2015, after we returned to the hotel from Fantasy Fest (see my last post) we had a few drinks at the bar and then walked around the harbor, past the light house till a small patch of beach. Water lapped against the rocks, a steady stream of light rotated above our heads to signal the boats, and a cool breeze washed over us–a drastic change from the thick, humid heat of Fantasy Fest.

We talked about how fun the night had been and enjoyed ourselves on the small beach behind the Hyatt Place we stayed at.

Hubs: “Know what would make this night even better?”

Me: “Sex?”

He laughed. “That’s later. Try again.”

I tapped my chin and looked over at the black water lapping against the sea wall.

Before I could answer he held out my first wedding ring, and said, “You marrying me again.”

Everything stopped for a second and my chest just swelled with so much love for the man standing before me. With tears shining in my eyes and a goofy smile on my lips, I said yes. He put the ring on the (wrong) finger. (Which we won’t talk about!) Hell, I was so excited, even I didn’t realize it at first.


Ring on the wrong hand! LOL

Everyone who’s seen pics is like, “The ring is beautiful!” It was actually my first wedding ring. We didn’t have much money, so I got a Walmart special one. He had a custom ring made for me for Christmas last year. He’s on his third or fourth band. I had planned on getting him one to be all romantic in the Keys, but he found out and told me to hold off. Now I know why.


The beach behind Hyatt Place, Marathon Key where Hubs re-proposed


The ring on the correct finger with my original engagement ring and the custom band Hubs had made for me at Christmas last year.

January 30th will be our ten year anniversary. Our first wedding was in jeans and t-shirts outside of a court house with construction going on in the background. This time we’re going to have a small ceremony at a nearby park. A friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years is officiating, and I will finally get the father/daughter dance I always wanted.

I am married, and am so happily going to remarry the best man in the world.