Natasha Raulerson

It’s An Author Thing: We Help Each Other

Recently an amazing author friend of mine, Leatrice McKinney, has found herself in a rough patch because her papa needs help with medical expenses-yes, insurance should be paying for it, but, not so surprisingly, they’re refusing. Don’t get me started on insurance problems though. It’s not the point.

The point is, that, as mentioned before, the writing community is small. When one hurts, we all hurt. Sometimes, we’re as poor as the next person and may not be able to take money out of our own pockets, but there is always a way we can help. It could be as simple as spreading the word, or being there for that person to have someone to listen to them. A lot of times though, when it’s something truly harrowing, we donate our services to raise money for that person.

It’s an author thing.

We’re proud of our community. The people are fantastic, the creativity is always on overload, and we know that if we fall, that community is there to help us stand. Not every author knows every other author, but once you’re in, the network forms. We care about each other. We talk, laugh, cry, and struggle with the frustrations of writing together.

To put it simply, we help each other out. That’s what community does.

It’s an author thing.

That being said, we are currently putting together an auction for the Unstoppable Papa. Struggling to afford medical treatment shouldn’t be a thing. People shouldn’t have to worry about whether they can make their next necessary appointment because they can’t afford it. Unfortunately, at least in America, there are entirely too many things wrong with our healthcare system and Unstoppable Papa is one of many victims.

If you can donate directly that’s awesome. If you’d rather wait for the auction, that’s fine too. If you can offer services to be auctioned off, that would be amazing. If all you can do is spread the word, we love you for that too.

Every author has needed help in some way or form. Sometimes it’s with our writing. Sometimes it’s with our life. We do our best to keep our community going afloat. We always try to have each others back.

That’s how we roll.

It’s an author thing.

11352373_1463019958.4792For more information on the Unstoppable Papa, check out the Go Fund Me page.

For more information on the amazing Author Leatrice McKinney and for more information on the upcoming auction, see her website.

If you’d like to donate your services contact us.