Redemption Chapter Four

The beeping of machines lulled Molly back to consciousness and away from the darkness that consumed her. Her eyes fluttered open. The hazy room focused enough to see the white walls accented at the top with a border of floral wallpaper. Various machines hummed around her. It became discernible enough for her to realize she’d been taken to the hospital. A low throb pulsated through her head. An IV pumped something into her veins. A painkiller? Her left hand and forearm were in a cast, and there was an ache in her ribs. Soreness racked her whole body, but whatever they’d given her was staving off the worst it.

Corbett leaned forward from the chair next to the bed. The teal pleather creaked from the movement. He took her hand, fingers rough from hard work, yet gentle to the touch. A soft smile pulled on his lips, leaving lines in his cheeks. “Hey there! Welcome back.”

The compassionate face surprised her, considering the last time Molly woke in the hospital, her grandmother’s familiar scowling face greeted her, complaining about how much the surgery cost. Molly couldn’t help that her appendix needed to be taken out, just the same as she couldn’t control what her father did. That didn’t seem to matter. Somehow, Molly always felt guilty after speaking with grandmother. Corbett had known her ten minutes before she’d been hit by the car. He had no reason to sit vigil at her side.

“Back?” She worked through the fuzz. The memories of Cody running into the street slammed into her. “Cody!” She sat up and winced.

“He’s fine,” Corbett put a hand on her shoulder, easing her back to the bed. “You saved his life, sweetheart. We owe you for that.”

Molly relaxed, leaning back into the pillows, and shook her head, then wished she hadn’t. The room tilted back and forth like she was on a Jon boat in the middle of a storm. She swallowed thickly and forced the room to steady. “M’just glad he’s all right.”

“Me too,” Aidan walked into the room carrying two cups of coffee, handing one to his father. “Heather made it this time.”

Confusion fogged Molly’s brain. She didn’t know who Heather was, but Aidan, standing in the door stole her gaze—and her thoughts. Her eyes roamed over him, taking in his thick biceps beneath the sleeves of his gray shirt and the way his jeans clung to his hips.

And it was wrong. So very wrong. If he knew who she was—he would be repulsed by her. Molly had no right to find him attraction, but she did. It was hard not to.

Steam rose from the travel mugs and the scent of rich coffee mixed with antiseptic. Her stomach rumbled, and she licked her chapped lips.

Aidan smiled at her, his eyes warm and compassionate. Her heart skipped a beat at that look, which the monitor reported. Heat flushed her cheeks and she looked down at the blue spotted hospital gown.

Corbett stood. “I’m going to get the doctor.”

Before Molly could protest, he walked out of the room, leaving her alone with Aidan. He sat where his father had been a moment ago. She fidgeted, her hand rubbing the cast on her left arm.

“How are you feeling?”

She tried to determine an answer to that question. The drugs made her feel like she floated above the bed as opposed to laying on it. Despite herself, she giggled, eyes drooping a bit. “Mm, high?”

He chuckled, a warm sound that sent shivers through her, and she wondered what else his mouth could do.

Whoah! Good drugs. They were doing a doozy on her.

Taking her hand, Aidan squeezed it. “You saved my son’s, life, Molly. I don’t know how to repay you for that.”

A ping of anxiety made her chest tighten. “No need to.” She squeezed his hand back. “Anyone would have done it.”

“But you did it.” He kissed her hand. “Thank you.”

His lips left a spot of warmth on her skin. The monitor increased its beeps as her heart sped up. Even under the influence of drugs she knew finding Aidan attractive was wrong. Yet, she couldn’t pull her hand away, finding it comforted and welcome in his.

She shook her head, dipping her gaze. If he knew the truth, he wouldn’t be thanking her. He’d probably shun her, hate her, and think she had part in the hit and run—that she’d used it as some twisted, sick way to insert herself into their lives. The last wasn’t anywhere near the truth, but she couldn’t tell him that. Even with the drugs running through her system, Molly knew to keep the truth secret.

“Oh!” He took his hand back and reached inside his faded blue jean jacket. “I almost forgot. Cody drew this for you.”

Aidan opened a piece of paper, scribbled on in plenty of colors. The stick figure had her same brown hair, and light brown eyes. Thank You For Saving Me was written at the top and he’d scribbled his name at the bottom.

She took it with her right hand, the left one being somewhat useless at the moment. Her lips pulled into a dopey smile. “He’s a sweet kid. He’s really okay?”

“Thanks to you, yeah,” Aidan smiled at her. “He’s at home now with Krysta.”

“Girlfriend, right?” She’d forgotten that fact for a moment and almost felt saddened by the fact.

“Well you definitely don’t have amnesia.” He nodded. “Yeah. She’s been helpful with everything since my wife passed.”

Something in his tone wavered. His voice held no passion, just a soft sadness. It made her curious, but Molly knew it was none of her business. Still, she hated the thought of Aidan being sad. His unknown feat of strength inspired her so much. In truth, it was because of him that Peter Blake was captured at all.

A doctor walked in, smiling at Molly, her slender hands gripping one end of a stethoscope around her shoulders. “Hey there, look who’s awake! The local hero.”

“M’no hero,” she said averting her gaze and fidgeting with the sheets.

How could she be a hero when she was the daughter of a serial killer? That wasn’t a thing. Maybe in comics or TV. A villains child could be a hero, but in the real world, she was hiding behind another name—and had grown out of the childhood face that people pitied.

“Debatable,” Corbett said walking in and winked at Molly.

She flushed, tilting her gaze down. They’d no idea how much of a hero she wasn’t. Saving Cody didn’t come close to making up for the pain her family caused.

“I’m Doctor Noles,” she said. “Doctor to the stars.” She winked and gave a bright grin.

“Molly.” She paused. “You already know that.”

The doctor laughed, her green eyes crinkling at the edges. “Yeah, the Spencer’s filled me in.”

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