Who Passed On A Dark Matter/Stargate Crossover?

No. Seriously.

Dark Matter, SciFi space opera, revolves around the crew of the Raza–a group of misfits who wake up with no memory of who are they are. They gain their names in the order they woke up on the ship. Three seasons later, memories are revealed, betrayals have wounded hearts, and an cliffhanger has left fans wanting–for another season that is.

The Crew Of The Raza

When news broke that Dark Matter had been cancelled, a thousand voices cried out all at once–but they were not silenced. It’s the age of social media. No one is ever silenced.

Instead, to make matters worse, the fans find out that Dark Matter could potentially have had not just another season, but a season that crossed over with Stargate.


As in, the epic movie starring Kurt Russel, and the even more amazing SG1 TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson as the same character.  A large device known as the Stargate allows for an infinate number of wormholes taking a group of space travelers to new and exciting worlds as they meet new races, and have the most amazing adventures. It followed up with several movies, as well as the Atlantis and Universe spin offs.


Dark Matter creator Joe Mallozzi, revealed on his blog that during the campaign to save the little show that could, MGM had an idea to not only to let Dark Matter live on, but to bring it to Stargate Command–the new streaming service allowing die hard Stargate fans to stream every episode and movie in the series.

Mallozzi went on to say that the collaboration would “rev up the fanbase in advance of further original Stargate programming.”

That, friends, is an understatement. Stargate had and has a huge fanbase. The original series, Stargate SG1 ran for ten full seasons, from 1997 to 2007. It’s had several spinoffs and movies, and another project Stargate: Origins is in the works. They have spanned two decades with dedicated fans and no doubt, the cross over would have given Dark Matter the boost they needed for their own fan base to expand.

So what happened? Why didn’t this awesome montage of amazing happen?

It came down to one, simple, often cruel thing.


Time ran out because before a deal could be made, the contracts ran out. Everyone involved in the show was released from contractual obligations and the possibility of a revival is now dead.

Mallozzi still has hopes from a mini series to wrap up that major cliffhanger at the end of season three.

Maybe it can garner enough attention to get a major motion picture in the vain of Firefly? Anything is possible.

I mean. It could happen.


TV Entertainment

I’m a huge TV buff. I watch anything from Ink Master to Big Bang Theory–when I have the chance. Television shows are a huge part of American Culture. As that culture shifts and changes, so do the plot lines, characters, and stories that families sit down in the evening to watch.  Also, when there are so many tragic things going on in the world, television offers a time for families to decompress, bond, or even just be distracted from the horrors of the world. 

However, television also serves to address certain issues that are happening in society. It helps to bring awareness to things such as diversity, racism, politics, and other situations that may help families discuss things with each other. They may also just be for entertainment value. There are also competitions showcasing peoples abilities.  Reality shows, which probably should be labeled something else, love to show case drama, and it’s probably less reality than a dramatic interpretation of reality. There are also documentaries and more educational programs than ever offering a plethora of information to a vast audience.

Not all shows are met with positive reviews, no matter what might be happening. There are so many various opinions, on so many various topics, on so many various shows, that there is always something to talk about, learn, or debate. TV can bring people together, send them to different worlds, or just let them forget everything going on around them, but it can also make them think about situations they may not otherwise be able to experience.

I love TV. Supernatural has been my favorite show since the pilot aired. Other shows aren’t as mainstream such as Killjoys, Wynona Earp, Lucifer, and other Scifi and Fantasy genres.  My topic will follow the new season of some of the shows that are returning this season, identifying any thing that may be addressed or controversial, or just out right fun.

I’ll be monitoring my topic through streams such as Twitter, Reddit, Google Keywords/News, and experimenting with Feedly, Flipboard, and Instagram. Admittedly, I’m well versed in Twitter, knowing how to use hashtags, form lists, follow different people, etc, so this, along with Google Keywords/News are probably going to be the two best, easiest ways for me to monitor the topic. I have an Instagram account, that I usually forget about, but I’m hoping to branch out and utilize more tools to round out my social media knowledge.

Natasha Raulerson

Kevin Couldn’t Wait To Get Rid Of His Wife

Anyone old enough to remember the late ’90s early ’00s series The King of Queens can’t deny the amazing chemistry that Doug and Carrie had on the screen. Kevin James and Leah Remini played a married couple who lived in Queens, New York. Every episode carried a lot of laughs, along with a heartfelt moment or two. 

Apparently, however, the chemistry between Remini and James’ characters weren’t confined just to The King of Queens. James’ new series, Kevin Can Wait, had Remini come on for a guest spot. The chemistry ran rampant again, and an administrative decision opted to kill off Kevin’s wife, Donna, played by Erinn Hayes. While it was promised this would be done with, “dignity and respect” the season two opener of Kevin Can Wait left fans more than a bit upset about how Donna’s death was handled.

The following three headlines convey that many are dissatisfied with how the sitcom mishandled the death of Donna, but each are worded a different way, and have different strengths.

Kevin Can Wait Barely Acknowledges Death of Wife Donna in Season Premiere

This title stood out because, considering the hype that went around it, the word ‘barely’ caught my eye. This might trigger avid fans of the show to click on the link, especially those who were upset or on the fence about Erinn Hayes departure. The syntax is well done, it’s in an active voice, and it isn’t going out of the realm of truth, because Donna’s death came off as a quick joke to let viewers know it had been over a year since she died. Probably so viewers will feel enough time as passed so that James and Remini’s characters can form a love interest. This isn’t technically bias because the death was only mentioned for a few seconds in the episode.

‘Kevin Can Wait’: Handling of Erinn Hayes’ character’s death angers viewers

 Angering viewers happens more often than not today. There is simply no way to please everyone, but this is another active statement that gives a clear view of what the topic is about. The show is there, the character’s death is there, and the unpleasant reaction is there as well. Anyone who had been curious, might click this link to see what the issue is. However, generally, it seems, more people are likely to click on an article when there is controversy. If it had been a satisfactory turn of events, it is likely it wouldn’t even make headlines. This one is less bias than the first, simply reporting that it angered viewers, which judging by the abundant tweets of doom, it’s the truth.

Kevin Can Wait Had Most Awkward Sitcom Death Of All Time

This one especially caught my eye. If I had not seen the episode, didn’t watch the show, or hadn’t even heard anything about the character replacement–I would still click on this article. It has me wondering just what the hell went wrong that it earned ‘the most awkward death of all time’. While the other two appeal to fans specifically, it seems that this particular title widens the spectrum by offering a bit of information that would intrigue a broader audience. It also took a different approach. While many of the news articles are regurgitated and recycled versions of the above two, this one stands out in tone, syntax, and originality.  However, this is the most bias of all the titles.


All of the above titles may draw in people to read. They have the necessary clarity to make readers realize something is amiss. However it is the third one, I think, that carries the most powerful use of words, syntax, active phrasing, and the most likely to draw in readers.

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

If I had to choose between whiskey and coffee, meaning I could only have one for the rest of my life, I don’t think this is a world I’d want to live in anymore.

Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Hello everybody!

I’m Natasha Raulerson. Born and raised in the swamptastic, gonna-try-to-melt-you-every-summer, hotter-than-the-hinges-on-the-gates-of-hell, state of Florida.

No, I have never seen snow.

Yes, I did survive Irma, as well as several others. Hurricanes suck, but hurricane parties aren’t too   shabby.

If I had to choose between between having the stomach flu for a day or a cold for a week, I’d take the cold. I hate throwing up. So much. So, so, so much.

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. I’m married to my high school sweetheart–who is also a cancer survivor, and we have one tiny human, along with two furbabies.  Said tiny human is going to be one year old next month. I am in absolute denial that I’m about to have a toddler on my hands.

All My Nopes.

Moving on.

This is my final semester at Florida Atlantic University. Yay and hazzuh! I am an English Major who has primarily focused on creative writing while here.

I am an agented author, no I don’t have any books out yet. Recently, I won second place in the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition for the literary/mainstream category.  I will be reading that particular piece, entitled I, Alphabet, on November 7th somewhere on campus. Don’t have all the details on that yet, but when I know–I’ll probably forget to post it.

Also, I am a freelance editor for fiction novels, and an intern for Triada US, a well respected literary agency.

If I had to choose between having the “perfect” body and the body I have now. I’d keep the body I have now. It’s a road-map of my life so far.

Once I graduate from FAU, I hope to have the skills necessary to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. It’s not an easy road. Not by any means, but perseverance is key in the publishing industry.  I also hope to have enhanced my social media skills in order to possibly pursue a position as a social media specialist or perhaps add it to my freelance resume.  In this world, the more versatile a person is in regards to their given field, the better off they are. Multitasking is pretty essential.

Also, I’m a nerd. Huge one. It kind of annoys me that all my favorite comic characters are becoming the new fad. Laura Kinney originated in the 90’s X-Men Evolution cartoon. Her story in Logan was not true to the comics. It was good, but I like the comic version better. Harley Quinn originated in the 90’s Batman cartoon, and she has always been awesome. Supernatural is my favorite show. #DeanGirl. I’m stoked for Ready Player One to hit the theaters–the book was awesome, and my local comic shop knows me by name. Also, if you’ve never been to a Renaissance Festival you should go. There’s Washing Wenches, men who sell pickles, and there’s mead. ALL THE MEAD!

On any given day, I’m reading 2-3 books, mothering, interning, cleaning, writing, editing, freelancing, and just trying to make sure I do my best to achieve my goals. I’m pretty sure sleep is a mythical beast hidden in the ‘S’ section of a Cryptozoology book.  It’s been heard of. People claim to have it, but I’m not sure it actually exists anymore.

Besides, the tiny human likes to sleep in the bed instead of his crib, which means I get kicked no less than six times a night–and he likes to pull hair. It’s why I shaved the bottom half of mine off.

No, seriously.

And finally, if I had to choose between Gryffindor and Slytherin, I’d  choose House Stark.