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Redemption Chapter Four

Return To Chapter Three The beeping of machines lulled Molly back to consciousness and away from the darkness that consumed her. Her eyes fluttered open. The hazy room focused enough to see the white walls accented at the top with a border of floral wallpaper. Various machines hummed around her. It became discernible enough for […]

Redemption Chapter Three

Chapter Three Return To Chapter Two The ambulance sirens cut through the murmurs of onlookers. Red flickered off the windows of the store and swiped over Molly’s still face. Her chest rose and fell, but she hadn’t opened her eyes since she lost consciousness. Aidan rubbed Cody’s back as his trembling son clung to him. […]

Redemption Chapter Two

Return To Chapter One Flashes of a town she’d lived in pressed against her memory as she followed Aidan through the streets. A fishing and factory town—her father had worked at the old cannery. Not that Molly remembered that for herself. Peter Blake’s life had been documented, written about, and plastered all over the Internet—on […]

Redemption Chapter One

Dashing to a nearby trashcan, Molly Harper pushed the lid away. It clattered to the floor only briefly drowning out the gagging sound as she threw up the contents of her stomach. Her retching echoed off the concrete hall as others left the execution room. Some looked at her, pity held in the mixed emotions […]