Sunday Snippet – The Walrus Writers

I’m heading home from RT, and while I’m over the Gulf my awesome CP group will be on Skype talking about Diana’s epic writing skills. I write all my blog posts ahead of time, even this one, but I can safely predict the future here.

I miss my girls.

We have a routine! A rotation! A weekly meeting! To miss that, well it somewhat sucks. Cause they’re awesome, and we talk about more than just writing–okay sometimes we talk about writing less than we should.

Ladies, we should probably work on that.

But, I want to let Kathy, EL, and Diana know that I appreciate everything they do to help me, and I hope that I do enough to help and support them. They are the most amazing bunch of authors you will ever meet.

I’m sure everyone thinks that about their Critique Partners, but I’m gonna pull that old line that mom’s usually reserve for kids.

My Critique Partners are more amazing than yours. So NEEEEEENER.

Okay, I just made myself laugh. But seriously, ladies, you’re amazing, I love you, and I can’t wait for next Sunday’s meeting!

Natasha Raulerson

Sunday Snippet – My Short Stories

So, I write short stories sometimes. Little snippets that become stories, but I have no idea what do with them. They’re generally odd, weird, or strange–maybe all of the above. Some have a dash of morbidity, darkness, and macabre tones. I can’t say I’ve ever really written an upbeat short story. Generally, there’s blood death or weird creatures.

Though admittedly, the novel that landed me my agent was originally a short story idea that just exploded into a novel. The characters just wouldn’t leave me alone until I told their story.  Sometimes, short stories just have that effect. You think you can get into 5k words or fewer, but it just winds up spiraling out of control!  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

But the question remains: What do I do with these short stories? I’ve submitted some of them only to be rejected. Apparently I write better novels than short stories. They are two very different art forms people! Some have suggested Wattpad, others have suggested just adding a tab and putting them on my blog.

I’m not even sure people would be interested in reading them, but at this point, I’m wondering what could it hurt? Could it hurt? Should I do it? What are your thoughts people? Do you write short stories? Do you post them or submit them? If so where! I want to know these things! I want to learn and expand and hone this awesome craft of the short story! Which I may have help in the Fall in my Creative Writing class, but that’s very far away.


Natasha Raulerson

Sunday Snippets – I Failed At Camp

I owe a huge apology to my Cabin for Camp NanoWrimo. I started out strong, walking the path, struggling right along with them, and then I just blanked out.  I could use the excuse of life and school, all of which does happen. It is a legitimate excuse.

And if it was just me, I could live with it, but as someone who was supposed to motivate the other campers into reaching their goal, I failed miserably. Like, worse than miserably. So, to them, I’m sorry. No excuses, no sorry but..just sorry. I wish I could have been a better Cabin Leader.

Still, it was a lot of fun to get to know you guys and I hope we’ll still be in contact, because you are all AMAZING and talented, and I will see all of your books in print one day. Of that I’m sure. Keep striving, keep writing, and never give up on your dreams–and next year I will leave the cabin leader awesomeness to someone much more awesome than myself.

Love you guys!

Sunday Snippet – My First Convention

In May, I’m going to the RT Convention. It’ll be my first convention ever! It’s actually somewhat intimidating and terrifying. I have hard time getting excited about things until it’s closer to actually happening. Past experience leaves me to believe that a lot of times, plans fall apart, things change, and you either have to adapt or figure something else out.

Cept I wasn’t born in 81′, but you get the idea.

I know, I know. I’m a pessimist. I’m working on it.

Anyway, the itinerary for the convention is insane, and I’ve just realized that I should probably start figuring out which seminars and panels I want to attend. Sure, I get to meet a lot of people from online, and I’m insanely stoked about that, but I’m also excited to get the opportunity to learn more about my craft.

So, now, looking at the itinerary I’m just wondering:


There are so many great panels going on. And of course several of the ones I want to take coincide with several other ones I want to take!  So what do I do?!

I’m just curious, for those of you who have gone to conferences in the past, how do you plan, plot, and figure out which panels to take and which ones to save till next time. Seriously, planning a novel seems easier to me.

However! In my endeavor to be more optimistic, let me say that I know, whatever panels I’m able to attend, are going to be awesome!  There should be a way for writers to be in two places at once–outside of the stories we create.