Who Passed On A Dark Matter/Stargate Crossover?

No. Seriously.

Dark Matter, SciFi space opera, revolves around the crew of the Raza–a group of misfits who wake up with no memory of who are they are. They gain their names in the order they woke up on the ship. Three seasons later, memories are revealed, betrayals have wounded hearts, and an cliffhanger has left fans wanting–for another season that is.

The Crew Of The Raza

When news broke that Dark Matter had been cancelled, a thousand voices cried out all at once–but they were not silenced. It’s the age of social media. No one is ever silenced.

Instead, to make matters worse, the fans find out that Dark Matter could potentially have had not just another season, but a season that crossed over with Stargate.


As in, the epic movie starring Kurt Russel, and the even more amazing SG1 TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson as the same character.  A large device known as the Stargate allows for an infinate number of wormholes taking a group of space travelers to new and exciting worlds as they meet new races, and have the most amazing adventures. It followed up with several movies, as well as the Atlantis and Universe spin offs.


Dark Matter creator Joe Mallozzi, revealed on his blog that during the campaign to save the little show that could, MGM had an idea to not only to let Dark Matter live on, but to bring it to Stargate Command–the new streaming service allowing die hard Stargate fans to stream every episode and movie in the series.

Mallozzi went on to say that the collaboration would “rev up the fanbase in advance of further original Stargate programming.”

That, friends, is an understatement. Stargate had and has a huge fanbase. The original series, Stargate SG1 ran for ten full seasons, from 1997 to 2007. It’s had several spinoffs and movies, and another project Stargate: Origins is in the works. They have spanned two decades with dedicated fans and no doubt, the cross over would have given Dark Matter the boost they needed for their own fan base to expand.

So what happened? Why didn’t this awesome montage of amazing happen?

It came down to one, simple, often cruel thing.


Time ran out because before a deal could be made, the contracts ran out. Everyone involved in the show was released from contractual obligations and the possibility of a revival is now dead.

Mallozzi still has hopes from a mini series to wrap up that major cliffhanger at the end of season three.

Maybe it can garner enough attention to get a major motion picture in the vain of Firefly? Anything is possible.

I mean. It could happen.


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