TV Entertainment

I’m a huge TV buff. I watch anything from Ink Master to Big Bang Theory–when I have the chance. Television shows are a huge part of American Culture. As that culture shifts and changes, so do the plot lines, characters, and stories that families sit down in the evening to watch.  Also, when there are so many tragic things going on in the world, television offers a time for families to decompress, bond, or even just be distracted from the horrors of the world. 

However, television also serves to address certain issues that are happening in society. It helps to bring awareness to things such as diversity, racism, politics, and other situations that may help families discuss things with each other. They may also just be for entertainment value. There are also competitions showcasing peoples abilities.  Reality shows, which probably should be labeled something else, love to show case drama, and it’s probably less reality than a dramatic interpretation of reality. There are also documentaries and more educational programs than ever offering a plethora of information to a vast audience.

Not all shows are met with positive reviews, no matter what might be happening. There are so many various opinions, on so many various topics, on so many various shows, that there is always something to talk about, learn, or debate. TV can bring people together, send them to different worlds, or just let them forget everything going on around them, but it can also make them think about situations they may not otherwise be able to experience.

I love TV. Supernatural has been my favorite show since the pilot aired. Other shows aren’t as mainstream such as Killjoys, Wynona Earp, Lucifer, and other Scifi and Fantasy genres.  My topic will follow the new season of some of the shows that are returning this season, identifying any thing that may be addressed or controversial, or just out right fun.

I’ll be monitoring my topic through streams such as Twitter, Reddit, Google Keywords/News, and experimenting with Feedly, Flipboard, and Instagram. Admittedly, I’m well versed in Twitter, knowing how to use hashtags, form lists, follow different people, etc, so this, along with Google Keywords/News are probably going to be the two best, easiest ways for me to monitor the topic. I have an Instagram account, that I usually forget about, but I’m hoping to branch out and utilize more tools to round out my social media knowledge.


Step Into The Danger Zone

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