Natasha Raulerson

It’s An Author Thing: Ideas Of The Night

The best ideas, at least for me, come when I’m just about to drift off to sleep. My brain is finally relaxed enough to let the creative juices fire through the synapses and wake those neurons up–and suddenly sleep is nothing more than a dream.

It's An Author ThingI’m awake. I have to get up and either jot down notes, create a character, or write a sample first chapter. There is no going to sleep when this happens. Not until the idea is solidified somewhere that I can review it in the morning–and not have forgotten it like the vague recesses of a fuzzy dream.

There’s nothing more annoying than thinking you’ll remember an awesome idea and wake up to find it’s faded into the nothing.

Nope. Gotta write it down before the sandman comes to visit.

It’s an author thing.

This can be annoying of course. Especially on nights I’m tangled in my husbands arms, head on his chest, his heartbeat lulling me to sleep. I jump up, roll out of bed, and he’s wondering what the hell just happened. Till he see’s the notebook.

He rolls his eyes as he turns on his side and starts to doze, cause we’ve been there before.

Then he starts to snore–and I’m the one annoyed. It's An Author Thing

No, that’s not an author thing.

The compulsion to write down an idea, because we know what fickle bitches they can be, how easy it is for them to slip through our fingers, and how sometimes they are pure nuggets of gold we may never get back if we don’t have pen scribbling over paper ASAP.

Nope. Can’t let that go. Too risky.

It’s an author thing.




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