Natasha Raulerson

It’s An Author Thing: Don’t Judge My Browser History

Part Four

We’re not neurotic–all the time. Okay, maybe some of the time.

Stop pressuring me!

Admittedly, it’s a lot of the time. That’s besides the point. If you had worlds forming in your head and characters whispering in your ear, you might be a little coocoo bananas too.

No, we’re not actually crazy….at least not clinically. 

It’s an author thing.

However, if you find one of us watching Forensic Files, a documentary on serial killers, using the internet to look up poisons, strange ways to dispose of a body, or rituals that require human sacrifice, do not fear. We’re not going to kill you or anyone else–at least not in the real world.

Our characters though, well they may have something to worry about.

We research morbid and terrible things to make our stories more compelling. A story can be any genre, but it still has to be believable in that, the reader must be able to aknowledge that the events could happen. Event taking a realistic situation and putting into a novel can be hard. As they say, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. Strange things happen, but as authors we have to make sure that our story is, on some level, believable. Otherwise, readers will not be happy.

So when we’re at an impass, we pull out our laptops, research how long it takes for rigor mortis to set in, check unsolved murder cases, look for ideas on how to get away with murder (no, not the TV show, actual ways to get away with murder), unique ways to kill people, and well, generally worse things than that.  It’s necessary.

Don’t judge my browser history.

It’s an author thing.






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