Natasha Raulerson

It’s An Author Thing: Part Three

The undercover writer.

When you’re visiting family, but you have words to write. They generally just don’t get it. They think you’re being a recluse and hiding away in your room. Which is rude. Okay, that’s true, probably rude, but there’s a story that needs telling, and sitting on the back porch listening to the obnoxious jerk two yards over toot the train horn on his truck is not exactly productive.

That did happen.

So, when you’re in the living room to watch a movie, totally sneak on your laptop, and keep popping your head up from time to time to talk about what’s happening on the screen. Yup. Undercover writing. Holding half hearted conversationd while knowing the words need to pour onto the page because you’re determined to get this scene written because you’re actually just that sick of it being a pain in the ass and what it to be over.

It’s an author thing.

We don’t mean to be rude, or mean, or reclusive. We just have to get it done. If we don’t find the crazy, weird, odd moments to write, well then nothing would get written. Life would perpetually get in the way of creating new worlds. Finding time to write, even in the most odd moments when people give us sidelong glances or think we should be doing something else.

It’s an author thing.


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