Natasha Raulerson

It’s An Author Thing

Sometimes, right in the middle of a manuscript, the Muse will pack up her suitcase and book it on the first flight out. It’s annoying, tedious, and now you’re stuck, staring at a manuscript that you not only have no idea what to do with, but also the urge to write it is just gone.

It's An Author Thing

To be blunt–it’s a pain in the ass.

It’s an author thing.

All the negative thoughts start rolling out.

“This manuscript sucks.”

“Ugh, I hate writing it!”

“I should just start over.”

“I should scrap the whole damn thing.”

It's An Author ThingWell no, don’t do that. Writing is hard. Sometimes we all get to the point where we want to find a way to dismantle the manuscript, burn it, and scatter it’s ashes far away where we’ll never be reminded of it again. That doesn’t mean we should do it.

Part of being an author means working through the stuff that has us going to an extra kickboxing class just to punch something. Sure, half the time we’re imagining the bag as a character’s face, but hey, at least it’s good cardio. Hopefully, it will also help you clear your head to get past that hurdle.

Sometimes we do have to scrap part or the whole and start over, but don’t give up on it. The words don’t always come easy. We have to fight for them. Make them work for our story.  Part of the author life is crying about how the manuscript isn’t coming together when the deadline is looming large and oppressing right over there on the horizon. Tears plop into a large glass of whiskey while your significant other gives you sidelong glances and awkward pats because they have no idea how to console you.

It’s an author thing.

It's An Author Thing

Most people who aren’t author’s don’t understand.

You can’t give up when it gets hard, or you’ll never finish a manuscript. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when the words just flow. The manuscript is doing great, and it’s clear the Muse has popped up again. Sometimes though, we just can’t rely on that muse sitting next to us channeling all the creative juices through us. Sometimes we have to bust our ass.

So when that happens, don’t get too frustrated. Know that we all go through it. Vent to another author. Kick something. Write something down and tear it up. Don’t set anything on fire because I’m so not responsible if you burn your house down.

Just remember, we get it. It sucks. It’s hard.–but we got your back.

It’s an author thing.


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