Natasha Raulerson

Writing Workshops

Even though school is finished–well, I still have two papers to write as finals–things are pretty busy! I didn’t expect them to be, at least not at first, but holy crap they are!

OVERBOARD my new WIP is going well. I’m so stoked for the second novel of The Crows Nest. I’m freelance editing, judging Query Kombat, and now I might be putting together some awesome workshops for a local library to help people with their writing skills. I love doing workshops. They’re a lot of fun, plus right now, I don’t have a lot of reasons to leave the house other than the normal mundane grocery shopping and errand running. As an author and editor, most of my work takes place with butt in chair while sitting in front of a computer screen. Yes, I know when Baby Raulerson is born, that will change, but until then, I don’t want to go crazy sitting in doors, so the workshops will be fun. Plus, experience! I love experience!

It makes me curious though, as I start to brainstorm and muse ideas for topics, what would other people like to have for a workshops? Sure, I have my own ideas, but I’m just one person and there are so many amazing authors that getting input before I start putting together a workshop package makes a little bit more sense. This way I can gauge what the hot topics are and see if they coincide with my ideas.

So, to all you wonderful readers out there, what would you want in a writing workshop? Characterization? Plot? Dialogue? Getting through the book? Figuring out punctuation? Something not listed? I’d love to hear from you!


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