Natasha Raulerson

Raulerson Editorial

Well hello everyone! I hope that your Monday is being an awesome one! This post is to announce the grand opening of RAULERSON EDITORIAL. That’s right, I’ve started up my freelance editing business. I’ve had plenty of experience being a CP, Beta Reader, a Pitch Wars Mentor, Agented Author, Query Kombat Judge, Fiction Editor, and more. So, now I’m branching out and putting all that experience to good use.


I have several different packages and if you sign up for my NEWSLETTER you’ll get promotional material from time to time, as well of updates on my own work. As you can see right now, there is a Grand Opening Special for this week only. I’m happy to talk with you about your expectations and goals. Click on the image above for more information.

I hope to hear from you soon! Happy Monday everyone!


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