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An Overdue Post About An Overdue Vacation – Part One: Fantasy Fest

If you’ve never been to the Keys it’s a must to add to ye old Bucket List. Let’s start with the sunrise. I live in Lauderdale, so it’s not that far to hope in the car int he morning and head over to the beach, watch the sun rise over the horizon as it paints the clear blue water with streaks of gold and pink. Driving down we got to see the sunrise over the highway and water and a cloud wpid-20151031_080152.jpghad it coming through a v-formation shooting light in bright bands across the sky. Just as beautiful, and seeing the sunrise is always a great start to the day.

We arrived at our hotel pretty early, but the Hyatt was kind enough to check us in early. The room was beautiful. King sized bed, couch, vanity, etc. It didn’t have the greatest view, and we could have waited for one with a better picture outside the window, but really we only planned on sleeping there. We had a clean, comfortable room–though admittedly the sheets left something to be desired. They were heavy and felt almost like they had a layer of wax on them, or maybe more like thin plastic. I can’t put my finger on an exact description, but especially in a tropical climate, you want breathable 7 Mile Bridge 2bedding.

We took an hour nap and got ready to go to DUN DUN DUN! FANTASY FEST! Mind you, we stayed on Marathon Key, so it was a bit of a trek to Key West. We were going to take a shuttle, but it’d filled up, and then we were going to take a cab, but the price was obsolutely obscene. We opted to drive ourself instead. My sexy hunka husband is terrified of heights, but he was determined to drive. I’m so proud of him for going over the 7 Mile Bridge. Though he had to unclench his hand by the end of it.

You can see the Old 7 Mile Bridge running along side.

You can see the Old 7 Mile Bridge running along side.

Key West is so full of culture. The night of Fantasy Fest you don’t really get to notice too much of it. Too star struck by the amazing costumes and body paints. If nudity offends you, it’s definitely not the festival for you. That’s perfectly okay, but I loved it. So many vibrant and vivacious people. Everyone having a good time.  Every race, nationality, skin color, sexual orientation–and everyone just having a lot of fun. The Sexy Hunka Hubs and I went as a venetian masquerade couple.

Masquerade CostumeMe

We didn’t realize it was an Intergalactic Freakshow Theme or else we probably would have geared our costumes more toward that, but there was just about every costume you could think of–from the epic Crayon Guy, to a group of Minions, to a body painted tigress! RAWR!

MinionsCrayon GuyCat LadyThe costumes were so much fun. Seriously, the energy thrummed as music played, people drank, danced–and people were lined up outside the fence for most of the day just to have a good seat for the parade. Man I couldn’t blame them. At one point I got smooshed up against the glass of a department store trying to walk by. It can also get pretty damn tight and hot. My dress weighed about ten pounds when I first put it on–it weighed probably fifteen once sweat got into the mix. Phew!

Unfortunately because of the tight situation–which if we ever go again, we’re prepared for how to handle it, we didn’t get any pictures of the actual parade, but man those floats! They were gorgeous! People put a lot of time and effort into it. Beads were thrown, people had fun–it’s basicall the Madigras of Key West. Though I don’t know if New Orleans has the protestors, but
Key West sure did. I literally had a woman shove a bull horn in my ear about how we’re all sinners, fornicators, and whores–and how that should concern us. That bit I could have done without. Protesting is one thing, trying to be hateful and bullying is another, which is really what it felt like they were doing.  I have a picture, but it’s not worth posting.

One awesome thing to do is head down to the Southern Most Bouey and take a picture.


The Sexy Hunka Hubs does look pretty fantastic standing next to it doesn’t he? Seriously he makes just about everything look good. Not even gonna lie. He even makes the stocks look good, which is another post about the vacation for later. Seriously, I can’t fit all of it in one post. It’d be entirely too much.

After we worked our way through everything, we went back to the hotel. Nothing to take pictures of at that point, there are no lights on the seven mile bridge or any of the inter connecting Keys. It’s just black until we got back to Marathon.

And I think I’ll post another blog tomorrow about what happened when we got back.

No you pervs, I’m not talking about what happened in the bedroom, but that sexy man did have a surprise in store for me, but that’s  a post of it’s own. 😀

As for the wrap up on this one, if you like to have fun, and enjoy crazy street parties, make sure Fantasy Fest is one you go to. It’s well worth it to do at least once in your lifetime.



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