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Man-Candy Monday – 90’s Heart Throbs All Grown Up

I’m a baby of the 80’s, and a child of the 90’s. My hormones peaked somewhere in the middle of the latter decade. Suddenly I was at the local corner store buying Tiger Beats, Teen Beats, and whatever other magazine Beats were out there. At sixteen and seventeen I had posters all over my wall. (No judging allowed here people!) My first actor crush was Jonathan Brandis. He was the star of several 90’s movies including Neverending Story 2, Ladybugs, Sidekicks (my personal fav), and he was one of the stars of Seaquest DSV. Unfortunately, Jonathan committed suicide in 2003, so I don’t have any current pics to show of him, but here he was when I crushed on him hard.

Now, with that homage paid to my favorite 90’s heartthrob, onto the ones who have grown up into sexy beasts!

Devon Sawa. If you’ve ever seen the original Final Destination, you’ll remember Devon as the lead teen trying to avoid death. True facts, this movie is one of the few horror franchises that actually scare the shit out of me. He also starred in Little Giants with Rick Moranis, and was Casper at the end of the movie when he got to become a real boy for a night.

Devon in the 90’s

Most recently he can be seen tatted up and shirtless as a bad boy in Nikita. Rawr!

Does anyone remember a little 90’s flick called Angel’s in The Outfield? That is where I was first introduced to Joseph Gordon Levitt as a little kid just wanting his dad to take him out of foster care. But twenty years later he’s all grown up and making the ladies swoon with his slender figure, subtle smirk, and fine ass suit.

Angels In The Outfield, 1994

JGL has become a writer, director, and actor. He can be seen in movies such as Sin City, Inception, and Looper–among many others.

What 80’s and 90’s child doesn’t remember  Mark Paul Gosselaar playing Zack Morris, the most popular kid at Bayside High in Saved By The Bell? I loved that show growing up. Not including when they went to college, tried to have a new class and Zack and Kelly got married. Those things never happened. Well, Zack and Kelly probably would have married, but the movie was just terrible.

Saved By The Bell ran from 1989 to 1993, though if you count the earlier years with Hayley Mills, when it was called Good Morning, Miss Bliss, it technically ran from 87-93.

Though he now plays a lawyer on Franklin and Bash, it seems that Mark hasn’t lost his taste for the sunny ocean-side view..but man he grew into those pecks!

Who remembers scrawny little Charlie Conway from The Mighty Ducks?  (That movie is what got me into playing street hockey. I wanted to be a Duck more than anything!) I watched this movie over and over again, and I was so mad when Gordon didn’t get with Charlie’s mom!

The Mighty Ducks came out in 1992, with sequels in 1994, and 1996, with Joshua portraying Charlie in all of them.

His most notable adult role is probably Fringe, which is a weird and insane science thriller that’s since been cancelled, but the man filled out in all the right places with the kind of ruggedness I adore.

It’s seriously hard to believe how sexy some of these guys have grown up to be.  I was going to put Jared Leto up here, but he’s too obvious, especially since he’s about to play the Joker on the Suicide Squad. I opted for some of the less known (okay well JGL is pretty well known but how can I leave him out!) actors.

And that concludes this Man-Candy-Monday. Join me again next week, same time, same place!


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