Natasha Raulerson

Something Happened Saturday – The Men Made Bacon Explosion

If you follow me on twitter (@RaulersonWrites) you may or may not have seen all the pictures of the Bacon Explosion AKA Heart Attack On A Plate my husband and his friends made Sunday night.

Yeah, they think they’ve got it going on.  When I heard about this I was just like. Nope, walking away. Gonna get myself a sub and wake up tomorrow morning not feeling like crap or with three of my arteries in my heart clogged.

However, this was the scene!

wpid-20150503_183032.jpgAt least the beginning of it. What you think that’s ALL they put on it? No my friends, that’s just the bacon weave, 3 types of mixed breakfast sausage, siracha sauce and cheese.

There is MORE!

wpid-20150503_183919.jpg wpid-20150503_183915.jpg

Don’t forget the spicy italian sausage chopped up and laid across the top. What you see on the righ ton the cutting board is candy bacon. I should probably mention by the time this thing was all said and done there was about three pounds of bacon through out the entire thing. That’s quite a friggin’ lot. I know people love bacon, but I looked at it and didn’t know what to do with myself.


I actually have a video of them rolling this all together once it was complete, but for whatever reason it will not upload to WordPress. And Instagram only allows 5 second videos. WORK WITH ME HERE PEOPLE! If I ever get it to work, I’ll add it in, but for now it’s just being mean.

Moving on! After quite a bit of cooking time in the oven it came out to look like:


Yes, they are putting a siracha glaze on time before shoving it back in the oven to carmalize.

While that happened, they also made a Mac and Cheese mixed with the bacon grease and left over bacon.


Not gonna lie. That was pretty scrumptious, even if I only had one bite.

Anyways, while the guys chowed down on that, I ate the aforementioned sub.

See, I do make good choices sometimes!



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