Natasha Raulerson

Sunday Snippet – My Short Stories

So, I write short stories sometimes. Little snippets that become stories, but I have no idea what do with them. They’re generally odd, weird, or strange–maybe all of the above. Some have a dash of morbidity, darkness, and macabre tones. I can’t say I’ve ever really written an upbeat short story. Generally, there’s blood death or weird creatures.

Though admittedly, the novel that landed me my agent was originally a short story idea that just exploded into a novel. The characters just wouldn’t leave me alone until I told their story.  Sometimes, short stories just have that effect. You think you can get into 5k words or fewer, but it just winds up spiraling out of control!  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

But the question remains: What do I do with these short stories? I’ve submitted some of them only to be rejected. Apparently I write better novels than short stories. They are two very different art forms people! Some have suggested Wattpad, others have suggested just adding a tab and putting them on my blog.

I’m not even sure people would be interested in reading them, but at this point, I’m wondering what could it hurt? Could it hurt? Should I do it? What are your thoughts people? Do you write short stories? Do you post them or submit them? If so where! I want to know these things! I want to learn and expand and hone this awesome craft of the short story! Which I may have help in the Fall in my Creative Writing class, but that’s very far away.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet – My Short Stories

  1. smnystoriak says:


    One thought that may be of value to you is to compile all of your shorts into an anthology. And if you personally don’t have a whole lot of them, perhaps combine yours with other writer’s. I love the idea of an anthology. I don’t know a lot about WattPad, but I know a lot of writers use it.

    So, in the end, I guess I can’t answer your question, really, but I am here to tell you to keep writing them! I have only recently discovered the gem that is the short story. I couldn’t believe how liberating (and challenging!) it was to have to get a complete story arc down in so few words. I wrote a blog post about this epiphany when it happened, it was such a mind blowing experience. Keep going!

  2. E.L. Wicker says:

    Well, you know I don’t like to submit mine. I have a page on my blog dedicated to my shorts. I wish I could turn them all into full lengths but I already have too many ideas bouncing around my brain. Every now and then, I’ll chuck out a tweet with them, but other than that I’m happy to let them sit. I feel good when I read them and that’s all that matters to me! Of course, we are all different, so what you choose to do is up to you. I love reading shorts though, so hopefully there will be many more that visit your page and read them.

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