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Wednesday Watchings – Avengers Age of Ultron

This is a seriously spoilery post, so if you haven’t seen AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON scoot along lil ‘ doggie! Unless of course you like spoilers, in which case, stay,  read enjoy! I’m actually putting the rest under a cut so no one actual lays eyes on something that don’t want to see. You actually have to click , so no blaming me!

ULTRON WAS AMAZING! I was so impressed that they didn’t focus on the same characters as the first Avenger’s movie. Hawkeye was much more to the forefront, and I thought it was great that while everyone else became brainwashed by Scarlet Witch, he had provisions in place not to let that happen again.

Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger. He will ALWAYS be my favorite Avenger. Also, whoever created this gif, you are AMAZING! I could stare at it for hours. I’m sure Clint’s wife could too! I know a lot of women were probably disappointed to find out that he had a wife and kids, but I LOVED that. Loved that it was off grid, it wasn’t angsty, and he had this awesome back story going for him. When the Avenger’s had no where else to go, Hawkeye took them home. There really isn’t a better way to do that.




Anyways! I was also really impressed with how well Marvel did Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. Of course, we’ve seen Black widow’s kick assery before.  She is absolutely amazing! Like Hawkeye she’s nothing but human without any highly specialized armor, gamma radiation side effects, or godly biceps.  And her back story, holy shit! The things these people did to her! I loved being inside her head! She’s strong, kick ass, and her demons, while they haunt her from time to time, don’t own her. And of course there was the awesome love interest between Nat and Bruce.  That was epic. I also like how they didn’t get an HEA, but hey Hulk was only in two comics for The Avenger’s before taking off, so they kept it plausible.

I have to admit though. Despite these two made of pure awesome. The Scarlet Witch has stole the show. I WANT TO BE HER! Elizabeth Olsen did an amazing job, not only with the accent and personality, but her hand movements were amazing, and the emotion came through without a doubt.  She just stole the movie. Strong, vivacious, doing what needs to be done even when she’s terrified. Olsen brought it  and if anyone doubted how she would do, just go see the movie. The girl is made for Scarlet Witch. 




Also the biggest spoiler may be the death of her brother Quicksilver. It was a NOOOOOO moment.

But then, I had a thought.!


So, of one thing I’m HOPING. This is not the last we’ve seen of Quicksilver.

PS: Dear Marvel. I’d thank you to remember that women are people too and the Women of Ultron deserve the recognition of their outstanding characters. The fact that you’ve opted to do minimal to no merchandise is misogynistic and disappointing.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Watchings – Avengers Age of Ultron

  1. Kathy Palm says:

    I didn’t read it because WE ARE SEEING IT THIS WEEKEND! At least the kids and I have decided we are. We’ll let Jas in on the secret eventually. Lol! But glad to know you liked it.

  2. mmgage says:

    I loved the movie, thought it was as good if not better than the first (no sequel curse here). Like you, I love that Hawkeye has this totally normal family life to go back to, and that when the team was all beaten down by their demons, he cared enough about them to share that with them. He was the glue keeping everyone together this time around. He also seems to be a great recruiter for SHIELD – first Black Widow, now Scarlet Witch. I could see his fatherly nature coming out with both of the twins and that was just what they needed.
    I think what I love best about Marvel is that the movies give you all the great action/explosions, etc. you want in that type of film but they manage to do it without sacrificing character. These characters are not some two-dimensional, cookie-cutter people – they have depth. They have demons. They make mistakes and have to deal with the consequences. They’re HUMAN and the writers never lose that. So the action part of me is happy and the writer part of me is happy too.

    • Natasha Raulerson says:

      I agree sooo much! The second one was way better than the first one. Also, I don’t know if you watch SHIELD, but they tied into the show as well. They do such a great job of all the action, and of making them three dimensional characters. I feel bad for Joss though. Some people didn’t like his portrayals and apparently threatened him. Uh….WTF people. Stop being crazy please!

      • mmgage says:

        I love SHIELD. They’ve got such great characters there too. How can you not love Coulson? And Agent May? She should be an Avenger – she’s just as bad-ass as Black Widow. I am really enjoying what they’re doing with Skye this season too. I know some folks are probably bent out of shape because they don’t follow the comic books to the letter, but I’m glad they don’t. If they did, what would be the point of the show or the movies? We’d already know all the stories. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the next Captain America movie – we should get some more great character growth in that one.

  3. The Insightful Panda says:

    Sadly, Feige (head of Marvel Studios) said Quicksilver is 100% dead dead and there’s no plans to do anything with him. Which makes me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO even more because I loved him in this film.

    But in the end, the theme of ‘You didn’t see that coming” with his and Hawkeyes relationship was great. They spend the whole movie trying to one up each other but in the end Quicksilver saves him. I wish there was a revival moment though; and it’d totally fit and Hawkeye could say “You didn’t see that coming”. COME ON Marvel!

    The only ‘potential’ upside is that on the DVD we’ll see the alternate ending where he is alive and well, and in that final New Avengers Assemble shot – in a new costume. Wheedon shot it both ways

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