Natasha Raulerson

Man-Candy Monday – Sexy Men With Sexy Accents

Happy Man-Candy Monday everyone! There is something about an accent. I love Southern Boy Drawls, British Twangs, New Zealand Swagger, and just accents do it for me! This week, I’ve decided to feature some of my favorite actors with sexy accents! There are a lot of them, and I’m so sorry I can’t get to all of them, but here’s a few using their silver tongues and sexy body to chase away the Monday blues.


Manu Bennett played Crixus in Spartacus and Deathstroke in Arrow. If you’re wondering, this sexy New Zealand Native is number two on my Famous Freebies. I’ve met him in person, his voice made my knees week, his strong arms hugging me for a pic made me flush, and dear God, I need to find out what cologne he wears!

Tom Mison plays Ichabod Crane on Sleepy Hollow. This man’s British Accent and debonair smirk will drive anyone wild. I’ve never met him in person, but if the man ever comes to South Florida Supercon, I will be in line for a pic!  I love his acting in Sleepy Hollow and that he thinks Skinny Jeans are a sign of the Apocalypse.


Charlie Hunnam portrays the talented Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy, an amazing show that twists and turns family dynamic into an epic drama that will rip your heart out. The scenes of Jax’s chest and ass are a very good pick me up though.  This is another England native–I’m starting to sense a pattern. This video comes with a little bit more eye candy in the regards upper body ruggedness.

Idris Elba has been in a ton of movies. The man is HOT! I’m not even saying that to be nice. He’s really, really, hot! I first remember seeing him in The Losers with all those wonderful knives, and rippling muscles. Then I found he was British! (Seriously I clearly have a thing for British accents!) That just added to the yum factor! The man has pecks for days!


There are FOUR count em’ FOUR sexy men, with sexy accents, and I’ve even included vids! If this does not make you happy on Monday then nothing will!


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