Natasha Raulerson

Sunday Snippets – I Failed At Camp

I owe a huge apology to my Cabin for Camp NanoWrimo. I started out strong, walking the path, struggling right along with them, and then I just blanked out.  I could use the excuse of life and school, all of which does happen. It is a legitimate excuse.

And if it was just me, I could live with it, but as someone who was supposed to motivate the other campers into reaching their goal, I failed miserably. Like, worse than miserably. So, to them, I’m sorry. No excuses, no sorry but..just sorry. I wish I could have been a better Cabin Leader.

Still, it was a lot of fun to get to know you guys and I hope we’ll still be in contact, because you are all AMAZING and talented, and I will see all of your books in print one day. Of that I’m sure. Keep striving, keep writing, and never give up on your dreams–and next year I will leave the cabin leader awesomeness to someone much more awesome than myself.

Love you guys!


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