Friday Fact – Writing and The Brain

Sounds like a bad play off Pinky and The Brain doesn’t it?

I’m showing my age, I know. Friday Facts seem to be the hardest theme for me to come up with. I might start narrowing it down a little bit more, maybe some random movie trivia or something like that. Ooooh I can make it into a game! That’d be fun.

I will ponder on that. Today, however, this Friday Fact comes to you via Best Info Graphics. I was perusing the web, trying to figure out what to put on the blog today and I stumbled across these amazing tidbits:

I’m not going into detail on this, because reading it yourself means you can draw your own conclusions. I just found it fascinating and wanted to share it. Make sure you check out the Best Info Graphics website as well. A huge thanks to them for this awesome image–that may or may not have saved my bacon on my first Friday Facts.



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