Wednesday Watching’s – DAREDEVIL

Seriously? You’re not watching this? WHY NOT?!

Okay, maybe you’re a little nervous because of the movie with Ben Affleck. Not the best rendition of Matt Murdock, but the show? Holy crap the show!

Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock and Daredevil on an insanely good level. The dark, noir feel gives me chills all up and down my spine.

The emotions run deep, and I admit it, I am not squeamish when it comes to violence. At least most of the time. I LOVED the action, the fighting, and I also loved when Matt fell apart, showing his softer side.  He could be an alpha hero while letting out his angst. Sure, he had to keep his secret, most heroes do. They sacrifice, they carry more scars than any they give out, and most often, they wind up alone. 

Matt, I think knows this is probably going to be his fate, but the city needs him. Cox portrayal is just amazing. They couldn’t have picked a better person for the show.

The story lines are great, though I agree with the consensus of I’d like to see a little bit more strength in the female character. Not that they aren’t strong. There are ways to be strong without having to fight.

Claire Temple, portrayed by Rosario Dawson finds herself in a tricky situation and gets the crap kicked out of her, but she could have walked away at that point. Instead, she stays to help Matt when he needs her.



Karen Page, portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll, well I was a  little unsure about her character in the beginning, but toward the end of the season–yeah the girl got her sea legs and proved herself to me. She continued searching for the truth knowing it might put her in danger, and when it came down to it, she faced off with a baddie and won.

Both Karen and Claire could have walked away after everything, but they found the courage to stay and do the right thing. There is strength in that.

But yes, I would like to see them kick a little more ass in their own right too!

Foggy Nelson, portrayed by Eldon Henson (hey, that nearly rhymes!) is the comic relief. He is amazing, smart, handsome, talented, and I absolutely adore his character.  His friends are his family and he would do anything for them–that also means that if he feels betrayed by them, it runs deep in his blood. You love it when he makes you laugh and your heart just ACHES when he is hurt.

The writers, directors, and cast have done a great job at making this a stand out show. It’s already been renewed for season 2, but damn it man, we won’t see it again till 2016! That breaks my heart. In the mean time you can watch Season 1 over and over and over again on Netflix.

PS. If you’re curious as to why Foggy looks so familiar, you might remember him as Fulton Reed. One half of the Bash Brothers from The Mighty Ducks.



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching’s – DAREDEVIL

  1. mmgage says:

    Hubby & I enjoyed Daredevil (we whipped through it in about 3 days, frequently staying up past our bedtimes for “one more episode”). I found the violence a bit excessive; at times it felt a bit like the writers needed to fill the allotted time for the episode and the only way they could think to do it was to prolong a fight sequence. But I agree that Cox’s performance was amazing. I loved all the Karen/Foggy scenes. My favorite episode had to be “Nelson vs. Murdoch.” I am definitely looking forward to season 2.

  2. AshaMan says:

    This is a really great show. I loved every bit of it. If they promise to give us the same quality then I’m willing to wait a couple of years

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