Walking And Writing

Writers may find it hard to find the time to get the exercise they need. For example, on top of writing, editing, working on stuff for WWWriting, I’m a full time student with plenty of extra reading and paper writing to do during the week. An hour at the gym is a lot of time at the moment, and just not feasible. I miss going to the gym. I used to go three times a week. Lost thirty pounds doing it, but I’ve gained back ten because I’ve been sitting in front of my desk for the majority of winter semester.

When people ask why I don’t go to the gym, my reaction usually isn’t pleasant.

I admit, I’m defensive! I don’t mean to be, but it’s like…no seriously, I don’t have the time to change, get in the car, go to the gym, work out, come home, shower, change, and then do the million of other things I still need to do. I give full kudos to those who have the time management skills to do it. Me, I just don’t. The entire time I’m at the gym, I’m like–this paper is due tomorrow, or I need to work on these edits like yesterday.

So, for my birthday, I opted to get a treadmill and keep it in my office so I can walk and write at the same time.

What is that you say? WALKING AND WRITING! It can’t be done!


Yes! It is possible! I got this lovely idea from the fantastic Brighton Walsh — author of some fabulous new adult novels such as CAGED IN WINTER published with Penguin last year.

We were chatting on twitter sometime after Pitchwars last year and she showed me the light of using a treadmill while you’re working. At first, I thought she got one of those fancy $1000.00 treadmill desks. Boy was I wrong! Her hubs put it together on the treadmill she already had.

So, not only can it be done, but if you already have a treadmill, it can be done in an affordable manner!

I figured, what the hell, let’s give it a shot. My hubs is pretty handy and I told him what I wanted to do. I’m actually walking on my treadmill as I type this. It’s amazeballs!

It works! It really really works! 

Which, for me is great, because I’ve got the body type where if I’m not moving, I’m gaining weight. This is a practical idea for those of us who are crazy busy and don’t have time to go to the gym or work out classes. I’m hoping by summer when I take the semester off, I’ll be able to hit up the gym again, but for now this is a great and wonderful solution to keep me active. Along with eating well, I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty pleased with the results.

The awesome treadmill desk:

Yes, this is my actual office, my actual treadmill, and my actual laptop. 😀

Remember peeps, our bodies matter as much as our passion for writing. We need to keep it in good shape.

So, a huge thank you to Brighton for the idea, and to my hubs for making it a reality. All right, I’m off to do some more work. Two papers due on Tuesday.

Have a wildly creative weekend, y’all!


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