Holy Crap It’s 2015 & Five Page Critique Giveaway

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to move forward. The past is great, and I always learn so much there, but moving forward, at least in my opinion, is the only way to live. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.

I start classes again on Monday. That vacation just flew by! Not that I mind really. I prefer to be multitasking and learning. My writing got a great boost over the vacation though. Those last few weeks leading up to grad put a damper on them, but hey, Fiona and I are having a great time exploring her story. She’s a wild one, I’ll tell ya what!

So, here are my goals for this year. I say goals because, well, it’s a continuation of what I’ve already achieved. Not a resolution.

1.) Continue in my pursuits to publish REDEMPTION.

2.) Finish VALKYRIE (no not the actual title, but what I’m calling it till I figure out what I’m…well calling it.)

Planning on having a mini me this year.

3.) Have a little tot with the hubs. Yeah, we’re planning on starting our family this year! (I know..a mini me running around? Yeah that’s a little scary. 😀 )

4.) Getting my tattoo done on Thursday, so ya know, that’s pretty much happening soon. Pics will come after.

5.) Get my Critique Service going. Oh! Right! I need to mention that.

I’ve started a critique and editorial service, the details of which can be found HERE. I’m actually doing a free promo right now. Leave a comment on THIS blog post or on my FACEBOOK post about it, and I will pick one random winner to get a free five page critique by me.

I’ve done plenty of editing, critiquing, and beta reading. My degree is geared toward English and Creative Writing, so I figured while I’m in school a great job would be to do what I love. Read and edit. I like this idea.  Hopefully, others do as well.

So, if you’re looking for a full or partial manuscript critique, feel free to fill out the form and let me know. We’ll talk and see if I’m the right editor for you.

I’m looking forward to the next leg in my writing journey.  I’ve met so many wonderful people in the last year and hope to meet more.








12 thoughts on “Holy Crap It’s 2015 & Five Page Critique Giveaway

  1. sherryhoward says:

    Good luck, Natasha! Sounds like an ambitious year. I’ve already won a critique through you but wanted to give you best wishes on the family building, best thing ever! Hope it happens for you and hubby soon!

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