Well, if you haven’t figure it out now, WWWriting is doing pretty damn well. With that in mind, it’s being moved off my person site and being given what it deserves-a site of its own. Yup, that’s right, off my site, and onto its own!

New Website



Google Plus


So, if you’ve been following my personal blog to watch Whiskey, Wine, & Writing (as I suspect you have been because let’s face it, that’s the most interesting thing on this blog!) then it’s time to start following WWWriting at it’s new home, as here, there isn’t going to be much more about it.

But that means my blog is FREEEEEEEE to be mine again. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Yeah, I don’t know what that means, but I suppose we’ll find out. I have a few blog hops to do, but otherwise, I’m gonna have to rethink this. Hrmmmm!


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