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The next stop on our blog tour is sunny, hot, humid South Florida! Ft. Lauderdale to be precise. While the rest of the country is enjoying fall weather, we’re enjoying a mild heat that’s still high 80’s and 90’s but much more tolerable than the high 90’s and triple digits of summer. The beaches are the best, the sunrises are beautiful, and if you can beat the heat, it’s pretty much paradise.

This is a picture of the sunrise the hubs took when we were walking the beach a few weekends ago.

The most awesome SHERRY HOWARD from Middletown, Kentucky invited me to this tour and I’m excited to be apart of it. Sherry’s blog CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE focuses primarily on the challenges of raising tweens and teens. She is a fantastic YA author, a single mom, and you can see her writing process here.


My current work in progress is an Urban Fantasy with some Valkyrie lore thrown in. I can’t give a lot of details on it because it’s in early stages and I’m still working on the plot even as I write the early chapters.

I’m also editing and working on the query for REDEMPTION–a Romantic Thriller complete at 71k about the daughter of a serial killer.

My blog is always a WIP. There’s stuff about life, more about writing, lots of videos from Whiskey, Wine, & Writing, and cover reveals/giveaways from epic authors like JC Nelson and Rhonda Helms.


My WIP is different (at least I think) because most Urban Fantasy novels focus around vampires and werewolves. I’ve completed a werewolf Urban Fantasy, but the market is not friendly towards it right now. I haven’t seen the Valkyrie angle often, and if I have it’s not from the direction I’m trying to bring the story from. They say every story has been done, and it’s all in how you make it your own.

REDEMPTION is different in that I’ve never read a novel that dealt with these circumstances. The daughter of a serial killer, the son of her father’s final victim, and a villain that wants to finish what the killer started. It’s a toxic situation all around but forgiveness is a powerful thing, and love is even stronger. Even then–things don’t necessarily work out the way people want them too.


That’s one hell of a loaded question.

I guess the answer is, I write what I write because–I like to. It’s not a philosophical answer, or some epiphany. I LOVE to write. I’ve been doing it since I was seven. I LOVE to read Urban Fantasy and Romance. Why wouldn’t I write a genre I love to read? Why wouldn’t I write something I would want to read if it were written by someone else? The answer is, I write what I write because it’s what I love and what I would want to read if I weren’t the one writing it.


Good question. I’m not sure I have a specific process. I get an idea–it may be a plot idea or a character idea–and I start jotting down notes. I imagine bit and pieces of what happens and start wondering how it happens, why did it happen. I ask tons of questions about the plot and the characters.

With REDEMPTION I admit it came on strong. The idea, the story, what I wanted to happen. With my first novel, figuring everything out was always a fight. I sort of feel like that with the WIP as well. I’m still not quite sure where it’s going, so I keep writing until I see the path in clear view. The characters eventually let me know what they want to happen–and sometimes that means going back and changing what I already wrote. Though I learned a long time ago that I can’t outline. It never goes to plan–not even close.

I will say, the only time I outline is for Nanowrimo–because a thirty day deadline is hard. Even then, the characters don’t follow it, but at least I have more of an idea.



Born in Libson, Portugal, Diana is a smart, talented woman who is doubling as an engineering student and writer! She has helped cohost Whiskey, Wine, & Writing, is a huge nerd, and has two adorable kitties! Find out more about Diana at her blog here – and don’t forget to follow her on twitter – @pinguicha .


One thought on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. sherryhoward says:

    I now know a little more about you. Your post was fun to read and I just knew you’d have some great gifs. I love these blog hops with specific questions. You do that on your broadcasts and it really draws out some deeper self-examination. I hope I get to read Redemption soon, sounds like a great read! I’ll look forward to Diana’s turn. Hope she draws something for us. I love her art!

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