Whiskey, Wine, & Writing – 24 Hour Comic Day

Episode Two

Google Hangouts Link

Happy October Everyone!

This episode of #WWW is a little less about writing, but still lays in the art world as I interview and show off many talented artists trying to create a comic in 24 hours! Lots of coffee will be had.

I’d like to mention that the awesome Erin Feldman of Erin Feldman Designs will be participating!  I’m also going to boost her by saying she’s the one who created my Thirty, Nerdy, Fabulous banner and has always graciously said she will create one for Whiskey, Wine, & Writing. She’s awesome like that.

There will also be an interview with Tate’s event coordinator and my friend, Nakia about the goings on.

Tons of comic shops are participating so check out the ones in your area. They all aren’t at the same time on the say day. It’s on or around October 1st — so you may have missed it, or you may not have missed it. Check it out!


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