Whiskey, Wine, & Writing – Welcome Back Episode

The Google LiveStream Link Is Here!


Natasha Raulerson

Guest Hosts: 

Emma Wicker @ELWicker

Nikki Robert @Nikki_Roberti #Pitchwars Mentee


  • Welcome back shennanigans
  • Twitter Hashtags for writers to follow
    • #amwriting
    • #amediting
    • #MSWL (Manuscript Wish List)
    • #PubTip
    • #AskAgent
    • #TenQueries
    • #WWW (Whiskey, Wine, & Writing)
  • Last Line Written Today
    • Let us know the last sentence you wrote today!
  • Currently Reading
    • Let us know what novel you’re currently reading and whether it’s print or ebook!
  • Things On My Desk
    • Squishy The Penguin
  • Nightmare On Query Street

All viewers can participate in the live stream via Google Hangouts, Twitter (@Thirtynerdy), or by leaving a reply here!


4 thoughts on “Whiskey, Wine, & Writing – Welcome Back Episode

  1. sherryhoward says:

    Hi, Natasha. Enjoyed the conversation tonight. Do you have any interest in being on a blog tour in the near future? Sue Coletta passed it to me and it’s my turn this week to pass it to someone else. If you’re interested, I’ll send an email with more information. It’s primarily about your writing process, probably you could use information you already have at your fingertips. Just let me know.


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