#Pitchwars Superlatives

First and foremost I’d like to thank Nikki Roberti for putting this list together. She’s been a fantastic social media guru, and we were lucky enough to have her as a guest host. Which means we also got the LIVE reaction of a mentee! Nikki is truly awesome and so deserving of her mentee spot! Congrats!

Okay, now that I’m done gushing.




Most Likely to Succeed:

Most Likely to succeed: EVERYONE! You wrote a book and put it out there. Keep writing! #PitchWars superlatives
Funniest/most entertaining Tweeter
Ramon Ballard @Raballard


Funniest Tweeter: @RaBallard. Thanks for the entertaining positivity! #PitchWars superlatives


Most likely to Don a Mask and Fight Crime

Michael Mammay @MichaelMammay


Most likely to Don a Mask and Fight Crime: @MichaelMammay #PitchWars superlatives


Best Procrastibaker
Emily Herring Dunn @Newfangled_wife

Best Procrastibaker: @Newfangled_wife #PitchWars superlatives


Most Fabulous
Tiffany Rosenthal @TRosAuthor & Dakota Shain Byrd @ShainByrd


Most Fabulous: Tied with @TrosAuthor & @ShainByrd #PitchWars superlatives

Most Hardworking
Natasha Raulerson @ThirtyNerdy


Most Hardworking: @ThirtyNerdy #PitchWars superlatives

Best Talk Show Hosts
Tiffany Rosenthal @TRosAuthor & Natasha Raulerson @ThirtyNerdy


Best Talks Show Hosts: @TrosAuthor & @ThirtyNerdy #PitchWars superlatives


Most Supportive/positive

Jenny Ferguson @JennyLeeSD & Jessica Bloczynski @jabloczynski & Mel Stephenson @PaintandWords &  Tiffany Dailey


Most Supportive/Positive Tweets: @JennyLeeSD @Jabloczynski @PaintAndWords @Pinguicha @TR_Dailey  #PitchWars superlatives


Most Artistic

Diana Pinguicha @Pinguicha


Most Artistic: @Pinguicha #PitchWars superlatives


Most Appreciative Tweeter
SM Rose @SMr0se Kate Foster Kendra Young, Laura Brown


Most Appreciative Tweeter: @SMr0se @KendraLYoung @AuthorLBrown @Winellroad  #PitchWars superlatives


E.G. Moore @EGMooreWriter (best favoriter)  and Vanessa E. @VanessaEPeay


Friendliest Tweeter: @EGMooreWriter & @VanessaEPeay #PitchWars superlatives


Most encouraging of drinking alcohol:
Dana Collins @XDanaCollins  & Natasha Raulerson @ThirtyNerdy


Most Encouraging of drinking alcohol: @XDanaCollins & @ThirtyNerdy #PitchWars superlatives

Spunkiest Tweeter
Spunkiest Tweeter: Emily Herring Dunn @Newfangled_wife #PitchWars superlatives


Best Gifs/memes
M.A. Nicholson @Maryannicholson.

Participant w/ Best GIFs/Memes: MaryAnNicholson #PitchWars superlatives


Best Favoriter on Twitter
EG Moore


Best Favoriter on Twitter: @EGMooreWriter #PitchWars superlatives
Prettiest Tiara
Heather Truett @mmerubies

Prettiest Tiara: @mmerubies #PitchWars superlatives
Best sly hints by mentor

Dannie Morin @Dannie_Morin and Brighton Walsh @WriteAsRain_ and Whitney Fletcher @cb_whitney

Mentors w/ Best Hints: @Dannie_Morin @WriteAsRain_ & @CB_Whitney #PitchWars superlatives


Best Manuscript Licker
Brighton Walsh @WriteAsRain_


Best Manuscript Licker: @WriteAsRain_ #PitchWars superlatives


Most Encouraging Tweets

Naomi Hughes @NaomiLHughes and Joy McCullough @JMCWrites and Erica M. Chapman @ericmchapman


Most Encouraging Mentor Tweets: @NaomiLHughes @JMCWrites @EricaMChapman #PitchWars superlatives

Most Optimistic Mentor
Veronica Bartles @vbartles for #EgoClub


Most Optimistic Mentor: @VBartles #PitchWars superlatives #EgoClub

Most Adorable Accent
Fiona McLaren @BookOmnivore


Most Adorable Accent: @BookOmnivore #PitchWars superlatives

Best tweets about hipster coffee houses in Seattle

Rachel Lynn Solomon @Rlynn_Solomon

Best tweets about hipster coffee houses in Seattle: @RLynn_Solomon #PitchWars superlatives


Best Viking Beard
Brooks Benjamin @BrooksBenjamin


Best Viking Beard: @BrooksBenjamin #PitchWars superlatives

Most Diabolical

Lauren Spieller @LaurenSpieller


Most Diabolical: @Laurenspieller #PitchWars superlatives

Best Mentor From Down Under Mentor
Sharon Johnston @S_M_Johnston


Best Mentor From Down Under: @S_M_Johnston #pitchwars superlatives


Most Enthusiastic Mentor Tweeter
Rae Chang @RaeAChang


Most Enthusiastic Mentor: @RaeAChang #PitchWars superlatives


Most active tweeter with six kids
Rebecca Yarros @RebeccaYarros


Most Active Tweeter w/ 6 kids: @RebeccaYarros #PitchWars superlatives


Cutest Couple:
Jennifer Blackwood @Jen_blackwood and Brighton Walsh @WriteAsRain_
Veronica Bartles @vbartles and Rebecca Yarros @RebeccaYarros


Cutest Couple: @Jen_Blackwood with @WriteAsRain AND @Vbartles with @RebeccaYarros #PitchWars superlatives


Cutest Frenemies (most popcorn-worthy conflict)

Charlie Holmberg & Dan Koboldt


Cutest Frenemy Couple w/ Most Popcorn-Worthy Conflict:  @DanKoboldt & Charlie N. Holmberg #PitchWars superlatives


Nerdiest Mentor:
Dan Koboldt

Nerdiest Mentor (in Best Possible Way): @DanKoboldt #PitchWars superlatives

Mentors with Best Gifs/Memes
C_M_Franklin & Natasha Neagle & S_M_Johnston


Mentors with Best Gifs/Memes: @C_M_Franklin & S_M_Johnston & @andreasomberg #PitchWars superlatives

Biggest Advocate for diversity
Marieke Nijkamp @mariekeyen & @Jessie Devine


Biggest Advocates for Diversity: @Mariekeyen & @JessieDevine #PitchWars superlatives

Best Contest Organizer
Brenda Drake @BrendaDrake

Best Contest Organizer: @BrendaDrake #PitchWars superlatives


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