Pimp My Bio: #Pitchwars Mentee

Hello all you awesome authors, mentors, mentees, agents, writers, lovers, haters, nerds, nerdettes, dudes, ladies, and everyone else in between. This is my official unofficial Pitch Wars Mentee Bio! That’s right, this writer chick is putting it all out there. Gonna submit that novel to #Pitchwars and hopefully get a fantabulous mentor to help me with it.

But a message to all of you! Mentors, Agents, Potential Mentee’s, whether you are picked or not you are:

And I just realized that gif is from the episode where Dean eats the Turducken and gets high from the Leviathans goop.

Which brings me to my next point. I am 100% NERD.

This particular ‘I Am Groot’ translates into ‘Thirty, Nerdy, Fabulous.’

I enjoy all things comics, (Marvel, not a fan of DC), Scyfy network (Defiance, Lost Girl, Bitten, Faceoff), online RP games (Wildstar, and forum RP), and one of my all time favorite shows is Supernatural.

I am married to one hella of a hunka hot husband–and we have two dogs, both of whom like to help me read in one way or another.

Storm, my dachshund, trying to face-meld for optimum closeness while I read. (Yes, that’s a Chilly Willy the Penguin shirt)

And Crowley, King of the Demon Dogs (Supernatural Ref) who was highly sad when I stopped reading aloud to him from Jim Butcher’s Cold Days.

Storm is a ten year old Dachshund with attitude. She’s a little snausage who loves to be in my lap. Her hobbies include, kicking me in bed, compulsive licking, and adorable looks.

Crowley is a rescue a little over two years old. Believe it or not, he’s an American Akita, with the most adorable eyes you’ve ever seen. Hobbies include, running circles on the bed, biting a particularly irritating place on his back, and putting new ‘nose art’ on the sliding glass door as he people watches.

They are the best pups a girl could ask for.




All right, down to the nitty gritty. What do I read? I love all things Urban Fantasy. From Kelly Armstrong, to Jim Butcher, to Carrie Vaughn. However, UF isn’t the only thing I read. I’m an avid lover of most genres. I love lit fic, classics, short stories, weird, strange, and pretty much just about anything I can get my hands on. However, I don’t like books so engrossed in technical writing I feel like I’m reading a thesis paper. I prefer voice, compelling story, and just pure awesomeness to a book that has every other word being something so intellectual and rare I’m constantly looking it up.

And I probably just made myself sound dumb or lazy, but I’m not, honest. I just wanna enjoy books and not feel like it’s homework.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Well, my entry for #Pitchwars is tentatively entitled Blood Moon. An ADULT Urban Fantasy. It makes mentors a bit slim picking, but hey, that doesn’t deter me. It’s dark, gritty, and yeah, there’s some pretty gory scenes. I’m not one of those fade to black kind of chicks when it comes to violence and sex if a book calls for it.

However, crazy jump here, my WIP is tentatively entitled Redemption which is an entirely different genre. The exact genre is unknown. I’ve been told Women’s Fiction, Romantic Thriller, eh, since it’s out of my comfort zone, not really sure.

The bottom line is, as a writer, I want to learn, grow, and the truth is, if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I can’t fix it. So, I’m not afraid for someone to rip up a chapter and be all like, “Ha, no. That’s just…seriously..no.”

I have pretty thick skin. I grew up with brothers and my family definitely isn’t politically correct when we sit around the dinner table. It’s always been said how it is. No sugar coating.

It started with Dean Winchester. Let’s end it with Dean Winchester.

Thank you to Brenda Drake, all the mentors, agents, writers, and everyone who is participating and making this a fantastic experience. Whether I’m chosen or not, the things I’m learning from the community on twitter, people I’ve met in the writing world, and the advice that I’m granted through fantastic blogs has helped me to become a better writer. I’m much closer than I was yesterday, and chosen or not, I’ll keep moving forward. So, thank you all for doing this.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

PS: Before I go. I just want to share.


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