Collaboration and Progress

Well, after my call to arms, I’ve found three fantastic CP partners. One via email, two that I Skype and live edit with. It helps the progress immensely and I do enjoy the fact that I have someone to vent to, as well as go ecstatic with over righting. Tiffany, Temperance, and Tasha – no this isn’t a disaster waiting to happen… (Follow the links to their websites so you can see the awesome projects they have going on.) Everyone of my CP’s are fantastic writers. Be on the look out for their work.

Oh! Speaking of disasters. The three of us are collaborating a paranormal romance.  It is epically entitled:

Dark Whispers Of The Bayou

An Elemental Disaster Novel

More details to come. For now, I’ll just be a cruel, cold-hearted author and leave you in suspense. Cue the evil laughter.

However, if you’re a teeny bit curious, you can always check out the hashtags #shitreggiesays #shitrorysays #shitrahaelasays

Blood Moon is in it’s final round of editing. One beta gave great feedback, mix that with the advice of CP’s and I’m starting to have hope it may turn into something other than sloven, slush pile kindling. The muse to start the second one is completely overwhelming, but I don’t want to do so until I’ve got most of this at least stamped down and into place. Other the dreaded ripple effect will change everything, and I’ll be highly pissed off.

Characters are cruel beasts.

Oh! And my wonderfully talented friend Stepha G. made a new graphic for Blood Moon!

Pretty bad ass, if I do say so myself. She’s also working on some images for my Rider’s WIP. Seriously full of artistic mojo.

Oh speaking of Riders, it’s up to 17k! Still a long way to go, but steadily progressing while I work on Blood Moon edits. Definitely getting there-when I don’t want to strangle my characters.

Speaking of, I need to get back to work on stuffs. Saturday is disappearing pretty damn quick.

Later Gators! Until next time, keep the creative juices flowing!


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