Scatterbrain City!

Happy Saturday!  There’s so much going on for me this week, it’s insane.  I have a friend flying in from England tonight.  She’ll be with us until Thursday.  Then, Friday, I get to head up to the parentals for moms day and enjoy some family time.  It’s not fun until it gets awkward.  Much of this week will probably end up with booze, laughter, and shenanigans that are not for the faint of heart.  I wanted to go to Free Comic Book Day at Tate’s, but alas, cleaning ensued.  I finally – mostly – cleaned out that pesky closet that had become an unofficial hoarders paradise, and my blanket is currently on it’s fourth round in the dryer.  My hair looks fantabulous though, and I really need to take a pic with it before the color fades and I forget to take care of it for another six months.  In this life, hair is unfortunately not my priority.

The search for critique partners continues.  I’ve gotten a few replies, but I’m not closing the doors just yet.  Finding a critique partner is like trying to find the real Waldo in a red and white cartoon.  It’s not easy.  We need to mesh.  Hopefully I’ve found my true writing soul mates, the critique partners of my dreams!  But alas, if anyone thinks they may fit the bill or just wants to join in for a ride along feel free to leave a reply or email me.  We’ll test the waters and see what happens.

Oh!  Also, I’m being told I should apply for King of The Nerds.  I haven’t decided yet.  It would probably be fun if I made it, but I’m far from the most awesome nerd in the universe.  Still, the money sounds awesome, exposure could be fun, and lets face, I have no qualms about making an ass out of myself on public television.  It might even be a little fun.  There’s no harm in sending the email.  After all, the worst that happens is I don’t get picked.  Ahh screw it, I’m gonna do it, cause why not?

On the Blood Moon front – someone mentioned to me that it’s a common title.  So it is, so it is, but I knew that.  Let’s be honest, if it gets picked up by an awesome agent who gets me to a publishing house, the title I pick is more than likely not going to be the final title.  Self published title can do whatever they want with the title, but I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t want to go the way of self publishing.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  There are some bad stigmas associated with it, but when done right, there truly is nothing wrong with it.  I just don’t think it’s for me.  My personal drive is to go for traditional publishing, get an agent, and go from there.  Blood Moon is on it’s third and hopefully last round of edits. Moving past that and into the hands of professionals, I have a feeling a new title will emerge.  Still looking for Beta Readers on that front too.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to exchange with everything else going on.  Look at the Critique Partner info if you’re interested in work exchange.  While I’m working on this final round of edits, I’m going to be digging into the Query aspect of everything.  So, if anyone has any thoughts, pointers, tips and tricks, feel free to let me know.  As I learn more about it, I’ll probably toss some rants and the like up on here. Hopefully I will have critique partners who are quite happy to be all like:

Random Note: The rain has returned.  My friend may have a bumpy ride into South Florida with this weather.

All right – enough jibber jabber.  I need to get some work done before all the fun commences tonight.  Enjoy your Saturday all and have a wildly creative day!



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