Internet Legend: The Liebster Award Nomination

Well isn’t this just a flattering boost of the ego!  There is sarcasm in there.  While I’m very appreciative of this award, truth be told, I’d never heard of it before.  I’m humbled that Chris Votey would nominate me for this.  I met Chris through twitter, and I have to say, not only is he a fantastic writer, but he also helps other writers as well.  He’s definitely got good karma coming his way for all the good juju he’s putting out.  Like Chris, until he had nominated me for the Liebster Award, I’d never heard of it.  After reading about it on Chris’s blog (go check it out!) it seems there is no actual award and no one knows the beginnings of it.  Was there a blogger named Liebster who wanted their name to live on in infamy? Possibly, but probably not. It may have been a meme at first – sort of like Throw Back Thursday and Ten Things Tuesday.   It’s an Internet Legend – one we may never know the beginnings of, but that I will pass on in hopes of linking more blogs for people to discover.

First, I will answer the questions Chris asked on his blog for us nominees.  I will then nominate and ask questions of my own.  For those of you I nominate, link back once you’ve answered – if you so choose, and I’ll scamper off to read your post.

1.) In a bar, what is your drink of choice?

Well that’s an easy one.  Jack Daniels.

Forever and always, I am a whiskey girl.  I’m fairly certain I was born with it infused into my blood.  My dad also has a soft spot for good ol’ JD.  As you can tell from my parents living room, Jack Daniels is a staple in their home. There’s no denying, it is my favorite, my fathers favorite, and it may have been my grand daddies favorite, but I’m not sure.

2.) Out of the 45 Master Character by Victoria Schmidt, which do you enjoy writing?

I’d never heard of this, so I can’t particularly give an informed answer.  (Though now I intend to pick up this book because after doing a bit of research it looks intriguing.) So, I’ll describe the type of character I prefer to write, and maybe Chris can help classify what type it may be and I can add it in later.

My favorite character to write is the woman with flaws.  Her beauty is subjective.  She doesn’t have a face that people find ravishing and can’t get enough off.  In fact, I like to blemish the physical traits somehow, with scars or birthmarks, etc.  She is strong, but not impervious.  The protagonist who makes mistakes, and may or may not learn from them pending on the point of view and what’s going on.  Demons may haunt her from past memories, and she doesn’t always get along easily with people.  Tough, but she doesn’t have to flaunt it.  My favorite character has depth and doesn’t have an ‘automatic’ connection with someone.  It’s organic, ebbing and flowing, just like in real life – whether it be friends or lovers – and sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. She’s also compassionate, even if she doesn’t show it right away, and for the love of god she doesn’t whine about her past or use it an excuse for her behavior.  So…in a nut shell – I like writing well rounded characters with several layers to them that peel away slowly and develop who they are.

3.) What do you do when you’re faced with writers block?

Ha!  It’s a good question.  I don’t have one ritual that will get me past it.  Sometimes I’ll just grab a notebook and write, “I can’t write.  This is stupid.  Why can’t I write.  It’s just a sentence.  God damnit, come on brain!”  I’ll keep going on like that until something coherent comes out that isn’t me bitching at myself for not being able to write.  It works more than some might think. Other times I may read over what I’ve already written to see if there’s some juicy nugget I glanced over that can help inspire me.  I’ve also heard that blood sacrifices to the muses help – but I’ve never had to go quite that far.

4.) How do you generate ideas for your stories?

My problem is I have more ideas than time to write, and sometimes when a new idea jumps in it makes me want to write about that particular topic right then and there!  It doesn’t take much for me to get an idea, though not all of them are story worthy.  Sometimes I see a commercial, or someone says something, a picture may inspire me, or I’ll just go and look over some lore and read classic stories.  I’m a perpetual ‘What If’ thinker.  It contributes highly to my anxiety, but also to my stories, because I’ll look, hear, say, read, something and think ‘well what if this happened’ and then a character comes to mind, and it’s off we go – on the never ending idea train.

5.) Have you ever won Nanowrimo?

Why yes, yes I have.  In 2013 actually.  It’s a strange experience just jumbling 50k words together.  I’m actually on the second draft now.  It’s how ‘Blood Moon‘ (title still tentative) was spawned. However, I skipped over transition scenes, and by the time it was done it was a mess.  So I had to put together what I called Vs. 1.5 which was stringing it together coherently and writing in any bits that were missing.  Now, I’m a bit more than half way through the second draft, and thus it will be ready for Beta Readers soon.

6.) How do you distract yourself from writing when you need a break?

There’s quite a few ways.  Distracting myself from writing is sometimes easier than I’d like it to be, because sometimes I just want to kill my characters off and be done with it.

– Cuddle with the hubby.

– Play with the pups.

– Go for a walk.

– Hit the gym.

– Catch up on shows.

– Read a book.

– Play on twitter and facebook.

7.) What are you currently working on right now?

You mean besides this blog post?  Oh right!  You mean projects!

The second draft of Blood Moon and a short story – which I’m not entirely sure where it’s going at the moment.  I’m also drawing up notes and plot points for the sequel to Blood Moon.

8.) Knowing there is no award to be won, why did you answer these questions?

Because someone was kind and courteous enough to nominate me for the award – even if it just an Internet Legend.  It will also (hopefully) connect other blogs and promote workings and interactions between authors or those who are seeking to be authors.  They say that writing is a solitary journey – and maybe in some aspects that’s true, but it never hurts to meet and promote others as well.

9.) What is your favorite word?

I don’t wanna say.  I was going to do a whole post about words and how the common ones slip up in our language without us really noticing.  At the moment, my favorite word seems to be ‘Fantastic.‘ I say seems to be, because suddenly I am speaking it more than any other word to describe something I like.  “Oh that’s fantastic!”  “Fantastic!”  “Freakin’ fantastic!”  I noticed it a few weeks ago at the Ren Fest.  Before then, I never noticed myself saying it, but now I seem to all the time.

My other favorite word is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – though there aren’t many openings in day to day conversation to use it.

10.) Do you write with your heart or your brain?

I’d like to think both.  I hope my writing is passionate, and that I use my brain enough to make sure it’s coherent, well written, and grammatically correct.  Plus, the brain is good for coming up with nifty plot twists and the like. First draft is definitely more heart than brain.  Second draft, more brain than heart so I know it makes sense.

11.) What’s the funniest joke you can think of?

I don’t really know any jokes, so I’ll just leave you all with one of my favorite comedian, Jeff Dunham and his friend Walter.

I hope I didn’t bore you all to death!  If I did, blame Chris. 😀


S.A. Hunt

Stephanie McGee

Emmie Mears

Dreamer Lynn

Troy Blackford

Lisa Bouchard

Zach Payne

Congratulations to all you Liebster Award Nominees!  Ya know.  The Internet Legend Award.  That doesn’t exist.  It’s still a lot of fun to participate in and I hope you will!


1.) Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote? Whether it was a short story, poem, song lyrics, whatever?  How old were you?

2.) What is your guilty pleasure in the writing world?  That thing we know we shouldn’t want, but can’t seem to get enough of.

3.) Star Trek or Star Wars?

4.) If there was one book/article whatever you would suggest an aspiring author read – what would it be?

5.) What show/movie are you a total fangirl/fanguy of?

6.) Are you for self publishing or traditional?

7.) What is your one pet peeve that drives you mad in books?

8.) Do you have any rituals (ie turning around in a circle three times, a specific snack you must have, a blood sacrifice to the muses) that you perform before you sit down to write?

9.) What are the top three songs on your writing playlist at this moment?

10.) Which decade have you been displaced from? In other words, in another life were you possibly in a flapper in the 20’s or a hippy in the 70’s?  Big hair in the 80’s? Rockabilly in the 50’s?

11.) List/show the five favorite things on your desk right now.

Have fun with it and link back when you’ve done it!  I can’t wait to read your stuff!


4 thoughts on “Internet Legend: The Liebster Award Nomination

  1. mad_cat says:

    You will see from the 45 Master Characters that the character you describe can describe most of the feminine archetypes and a few masculine archetypes. It’s a wonderful (or fantastic) book.

    The author initially intended to expand female archetypes beyond the typical damsel. As she began researching it, she realized that she should also expand the male archetypes, and not to categorized them as male and female, but rather masculine and feminine, since both male and female characters can exhibit both. Such as Lester from American Beauty went through a feminine journey and Charly from Long Kiss Goodnight went through a masculine journey.

    It’s a must read for all writers.

    • Happy says:

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