Book Review – Timebound by Rysa Walker

Timebound – Chronos Files #1 by Rysa Walker is a book about a girl, Kate, who finds out she has a gene that allows her to use a CHRONOS device that will allow her to travel through time. Her grandmother, Katherine, is dying of cancer, and needs Kate to go back and start setting the timeline straight.  Things have been done that have taken things out of order, popped things out of existence, and at first Kate is skeptical, but a series of unfortunate events, beginning with Kate being mugged, and ending with her parents being blinked out of existence, force Kate to come to terms with the fact that she can easily shift through time. Through out the story we find out this Kate, isn’t the original version of Kate, and once had a lover by the name of Kiernen, but in this Kate’s timeline, her heart belongs to Trey – the boy who believed her wacky story about time travel when Kate was about to upchuck her cookies and lose her mind.

The story itself is wonderfully written – when the story is being told.  The biggest issue with this book is the gigantic info dumps that had me skimming through chapters.  Revealing character history and placing points so that the story makes sense is of course important, but dedicating chapters upon chapters of dialogue between characters about what happened and this is why things are the way they are is tedious and can quickly make the reader lose attention.  That being said – once the skimming of the info dumps was over, the actual basis of the story and the action scenes, the way the author twisted it all together – was freakin’ fantastic!  There were a few qualms with the younger characters perhaps being a little too wise beyond their years, but it’s nothing drastic that would deter the story.   The imagery was vivid, and there wasn’t an over abundance  of ‘I’ used within the story which tends to be the downfall of debut authors and first person.   All the jumping forward and back can be easy to misplace and lose track of, but Walker weaved it together so following the many timelines was easy – even if the explanation of CHRONOS and the giant info dumps could become confusing.

It’s very conflicting on how to rate a book like this.  On the one hand, it’s a beautiful story, and on the other, there were cringe-worthy parts that lowered the standards of the quality of book this could be.   It’s definitely something to read.  It’s worth the read, and recommended.  When the second one comes out, this blogger is going to want to know what happens next.

That being said:


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About The Author

Rysa Walker was raised in Florda and currently resides in North Caroline with her husband and children.   Her novel Timebound was the winner of Amazon’s Breakout Novel Award for 2013.

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