Book Review: Desprite Measures by Deborah Jay

desprite-measuresebookI found out about Desprite Measures through So I Read This Book Today.  Not only should you read her review, but you should most definitely follow her blog as it’s fantastic.

Desprite Measures is a story about a water elemental, a sprite, named Cassie Lake who’s trying to live in the human world.  The story begins with Cassie being a prisoner to  a magician who also has a salamander – or fire elemental, named Gloria.  Should these two touch, an explosion big enough to wipe Scotland off the map would occur.  Water and fire don’t mix in the world of elemental’s.  Able to escape, Cassie quickly becomes infatuated with Gloria, even knowing that the two of them can never be together.  The magician isn’t through with them yet though.  He has plans to use their force as an endless energy supply for the Earth – despite the consequences.  With witches, vampires, humans, and otherworldly goodness, it’s a unique urban fantasy read that will captivate readers for the sheer originality of the main plot.

Deborah Jay graciously gave me a copy for review, and I’m glad she did.  I enjoyed the unique story line and how the protagonist was a water elemental, a sprite.  Not your average Urban Fantasy.  Ms. Jay weaves a delightful tale, and strings in new ways of creatures taking on human form.  While, over all, I enjoyed the book, there were some details that I found to be tedious.  Cassie’s infatuation with Gloria after only meeting her once, and under duress was quickly portrayed as a bit obsessive and stalker-like.  Through the book this tones down quite a bit, which I was glad to see.  There were a few instances where I felt like things were just added on a whim, and could have been more thought out.  I also felt like the alienation of the protagonist from her friend was a bit forced in areas. Minkie, a Mink that Cassie rescued from the magician, is by far the character I’m most curious about.  It’s clear through reading the story that he’s not an ordinary Mink.  Luckily, the series has only just begun, which means I get to see how these characters grow, develop, and change over time.

This is definitely a four star review.  Other than a few bits (which any reader is always going to have different views on) that irritated me, the story was overall delightful, and I will most definitely be picking up the second one.


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About Deborah Jay (via her website)

Hi, I’m fantasy author Deborah Jay.

I’m a lifelong fantasy and science fiction fan: books, TV, films – can’t get enough.

Growing up I can just remember the excitement surrounding the first moon landing, and through childhood I devoured a steady TV diet of such shows as My Favourite MartianBewitched, all the Gerry Anderson series: Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO. And, of course, Star Trek.

You get the picture: wired for science fiction and fantasy from birth. No regrets there. As genres, they are a writer’s dream, the ultimate scope for imagination. And boy, is my imagination demanding! For years I read books as fast as I could find them, and then it occurred to me that I could write them too.

I have a dream of a day job as a trainer of competition dressage horses, so my fiction writing has to fit around that, but being able to make my own schedule is a definite advantage to being self-employed.

So in the real world I am professional rider, trainer, judge and author, Debby Lush. I write features and answer reader’s questions on dressage in HORSE magazine, and have two books: The Building Blocks of Training and The Successful Dressage Competitor published by J A Allen, plus a self published bookletThe Sunshine Tour Diary about my experiences as a first-time International competitor.

My debut novel, award winning fantasy The Prince’s Man was published In July. With twenty four 5 * reviews already, it was an Amazon Top 100 Hot New Release, and pops up often in the Epic Fantasy and Sword and Sorcery Top 100s.

Think James Bond meets Lord of the Rings – a fun, fast, action-packed story featuring a pair of mismatched spies who are struggling to save their kingdom whilst trying not to kill each other.

Ms. Jay is hard at work on sequels of both her novels – but we all know we’re secretly hoping the next volume in CALEDONIAN SPRITE SERIES comes out first.  Readers are going to be anxious to find out what’s going on for Cassie next.

For more information on Deborah Jay you can find here at:

Also don’t forget to check out:


One thought on “Book Review: Desprite Measures by Deborah Jay

  1. soireadthisbooktoday says:

    Hey Hey Hey! Thanks for being so nice about my blog! You know I love yours too, right?

    Just got the new S. M. Reine, “Witch Hunt” – you have to read that too. I am only 10% in and already fascinated. Of course, she is a fav author, so I was expecting it to be great!


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