Remember, Remember – Write Your Novel In November!

Scrivener is locked and loaded, my novel is outlined, and I’m working on character sheets as Nano quickly approaches.  Amazingly enough I’ve heard the question.

“What is Nanowrimo?”

To which my general reaction is:


Then I remember, I was once naive to the awe of NanoWrimo once myself.  Everyone has to start somewhere, so here’s my little bit to help spread the word.


NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth




I know, I know.  Those of you who have never heard of NanoWrimo might be thinking something along the lines of:

Maybe it is, but creative people are generally crazy in one aspect or another.  In fact, several novels have been published because of NanoWrimo.  There are also people who miserably failed, but learned certain tidbits, made new friends, found critique groups and went on to publish in their own time.  Even if you don’t make the 50k word count by the deadline – it doesn’t mean you have to stop writing it.

The point isn’t to have it polished and edited, but just to have the story down, the words on screen, and the creative juices flowing.  I really suggest giving it a shot.  Many authors have wound up either completing and publishing or having found something really great while trying to do Nano.  The most notable may be Erin Morgenstern who got writer’s block while doing Nano.  She then decided to send her characters to the circus, and thus the wildly popular and phenomenally written book, “The Night Circus” was born.

The great thing about NanoWrimo is you never really know what’s going to happen.

The last two years my strategy has been to come up with a concept and wing it.  So far, that hasn’t really worked out for me.  I always wind up getting lost at some point or another, and because I get stuck, stumble, don’t know which way is up and pray to the muse of creativity for help.

But alas, when I need her the most, she seems to be on vacation.


Nice right?  So in effort to thwart another year of just winging it, I have outlined my entire novel, and I should have my character sheets done by the first.  What does this mean?  This means I will hopefully succeed in writing 50,000 words in thirty days – and even if I don’t, I think I’ve got a pretty good basis to complete the novel and publish it.  Each Nano I learn something new.  Hopefully everyone else does too.

Here’s a little teaser of my novel.  The cover art was done by a friend of mine who has epically awesome graphic skills.

Blood MoonI think having a mock cover is also a great motivator.  Pretties go a long way for inspiration.  It’s mainly that this could be the cover people look at if I not only complete, but publish this novel!


My suggestion is take a shot. Best case scenario, you write a novel.  Worst case scenario – you don’t, but you’ll more than likely have learned something about the craft in some semblance or another.

Good luck everyone! You got this!


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