Vacation So Far

Thesignificant other and I have been looking forward to this vacation for months.  It started off without a hitch, but there have been a few hiccups along the way. Friday morning we got up at 5am.  I’m so not a morning person, at all.   On top of that I hate to fly – loathe it, detest it, and I was not looking forward to it.  The process of getting through airport security was fairly easy that early in the morning.  No crazy long lines, but we were X-Rayed.  That was like….okay then. It’s been about three years since I’ve been on a plane and there were no x-ray machines back then.  Everything went smooth, we’re there hella early, get some breakfast and of course I snap a photo.

It’s a fuzzy hat!!!

Plane leaves early, I almost break the nerdy others hand on take off.  It wasn’t that long, we in Charlotte, NC for our layover, again, wasn’t long.  However, they changed the gate and didn’t tell us.  Woops!  We still made our flight.  The second one was not as comfortable as the first.  They didn’t pressurize the cabin right and our ears were screaming at us.  When we arrived in Newark, we had to circle the airport for an extra thirty minutes because apparently there was a traffic jam in the air.  So first flight – even though I was terrified – not as bad as the second flight.  I was more than ecstatic to be on the ground again. I’m a land lover and a boat girl – I’m not a big fan of the wide open skies.

Photo bomb on the layover!  The hubby was not prepared for this picture.  Once we landed we got to take a tram to the rental car place.  THAT WAS AWESOME!  I enjoyed riding the train.  It was high up, so I got a great view of the city we had just come into.

When we arrive at the rental car place – they tell us we didn’t pay for the car.  Uh yes we did.  The hell?! Of course we reserved the car four months ago, and the app for my bank on my phone didn’t go back that far.  So we paid – AGAIN.  This part is to be continued.

We drive the now twice paid for rental car to the hotel, check in no problems.  At least they had records that we paid for the room in advance. They have a Dunkin’ Donuts attached the hotel – I go for coffee.  We walk back around front to get the car and drive around.  They have a stone walkway – it’s raining.  I step on the stone and my flip flops have zilch for traction.  I felt myself about to take a bad tumble, there’s not catching my balance.  In an attempt to keep from going to the hospital on my first day of vacation, I drop to one knee. My foot slides out behind me and I completely hyper-extend the tendon.  It’s sore at first, but not so bad that I need medical attention.

The room is very nice, king bed, microwave, fridge, and it’s comfortable.  We unpack and I fire up the laptop, hook up to the wifi and go straight to the records for my bank account.  Car rental hiccup continued.  The car was paid for in April.  Rental car place receives a call.  Here’s the scenario:

B calls and makes the reservation.  Pays for the car.  There was a hiccup on their end.  They made two reservations for him.  Same person, same dates.  One was paid for – the other wasn’t.  The confirmation they gave us was the one for the not paid car.  It seemed weird to both of us, but they offered to give us our money back right away.  However, since it’s Friday night and it take’s one to two business days we won’t have the money back till Monday or Tuesday.  That’s fine, we’ve got enough cash to cover us in the mean time.

With that being taken care of, we get dressed and head out to meet some of B’s friends from his old stomping grounds.  Eating, dancing, and drinking ensued.  I’d only met one of the girls before, but we all clicked well together and had a good night.

My favorite pic of the night.

The weekend has been a lot of visiting, seeing where my hubby grew up and just having a good time. However when I woke up Saturday morning my foot was jacked up.  The alcohol seemed to have numbed the pain, or I just danced too much and aggravated a new injury.  We stop at a Rite Aid.  A freakin’ Rite Aid!  If you live in Florida, you know these stores don’t exist there anymore.  They haven’t for quite a long time.  As soon as I hobbled my broke footed butt in there, the smell of a Rite Aid hit me and I remembered that place like I’d been in there yesterday.

Just holy crap!!!

I’m enjoying the atmosphere of South Jersey.  The pine barrens are beautiful, the people are epic, and there’s a massive sense of community up here that doesn’t happen in the city.  In some aspects it feels like we’ve been transported back a few decades with all the mom and pop shops, Victorian houses, and having attendants pump the gas for your car.

I will say, the one thing that annoys the bejesus out of me is the fact that – for whatever reason – this area of Jersey does not believe in left hand turns.  You have to veer off to the right, make a giant u-turn and then go straight.  It’s very strange.

There have been several more hiccups as well – including a waitress destroying the hubby’s phone.  Yeah, they didn’t even comp the meal.  Real nice place – due note the sarcasm. Dinner wound up costing us $200 because we had to buy him a new phone. We’re not letting the hiccups get us down though.  We’re going to Philly tomorrow.

Hellz to the yeah!  I’ve never been there so I’m somewhat ever flippin excited! 😀

Edit:  I was reminded of another hiccup that I can’t believe I forgot.  When we all got ready to go out – the three girls in the pic who aren’t me – went to back out from their house.  Wouldn’t you just know it – they got into a car accident.  Yup, backed up the big blue beast into a car as he turned the corner.  To be honest, that isn’t the best place to put a parking lot.  It wasn’t a bad accident – minor in comparison and luckily it was a neighbor, so they just exchanged insurance.  This was before we went to the bar.  Yup, it was just one of those days.


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