I’m Married to a Nuclear Med Tech!!

Please ignore the butt sniffing dogs in the back.

My fantastic, awesome, brilliant husband had his boards to become certified in Nuclear Med Tech.  He graduated from school this past Friday.  I wasn’t allowed to tell him he was going to do great and pass.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Nervous Husband:  “Babe, these boards have got me nervous as hell.”

Me:  “That’s normal, but I have faith in you.  You’re going to do awesome, you’re going to pass, and no matter what I’m going to be proud of you.”

Nervous Husband:  “Don’t say that!”

Me:  “……   Don’t say I have faith in you and that you’re going to pass?”

Nervous Husband:  “Exactly, because if you keep saying that and I fail, I’m going to feel like shit.”

Me (Long pause, awkward look): “Did you miss the part of no matter what I’m going to be proud of you?”

Nervous Husband: “Everyone is saying they know I’m going to pass.  If I fail, I’m going to let everyone down.  It’s a lot of pressure!”

Hence, for the last few days, I did not tell him he was going to pass his boards.  I didn’t bring it up or touch the subject.  I was quietly supportive, letting him study, random hugging and snuggling, pinching of the butt, etc.  just to make him smile.  He took his boards today.  Last night, he was freaking out, studying like crazy and in full blown panic mode.  I listened to him vent, then awkwardly laughed.

Me:  “I don’t know what to say babe.  I’m not allowed to support you because it’s too much pressure.”

Panic Stricken Husband (Laughs himself):  “Yeah, I know, I just want it be over.”

Me (Kisses him): “It will be soon enough.  Just remember to breathe.”

Well soon enough is now over.  The hubby had his boards early this morning, and wouldn’t you know it.

Congratulations, lots of praise, and then I got to say:
Me:  “I told you so, I told you so!”
Ecstatically Happy Husband: “…… Shut up!”
Me:  *insert evil cackle here*
I am so proud of my husband!  He is officially certified as a Nuclear Med Tech.  He gets all the paperwork in about three weeks.  Well, he’s certified for the state.  Tomorrow he has to take his National Boards, but like I told him before, I have faith.  He has spent two years working his off and it’s finally paying off.  That’s right, I’m married to a sexy, faithful, honorable, though sometimes highly annoying, Nuclear Med Tech.
That’s right, you know you’re jealous!

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