Happy JunoWrimo!

Greetings and Salutations Nerds!

I know, I know it’s been a minute between blog posts. Things got a little busy, but fear not! I have not forgotten about thee! I’m in the middle of reviewing two books, writing my own, writing four critical analysis for my short story class, and drudging my way through my oceanography lab. You would think that would be enough for me, but come on now! I’m a multitasking nerd, and I found some awesome motivation for my story.

Now, most people have heard of NanoWrimo – at least the people I speak to online. Not everyone in my real life knows what it is because they are not absolutely obsessed with reading and writing like I am. However, what some people may not have heard of – but still have the chance to get involved with is:




This is brought to you by:

These two lovely ladies have personalized JunoWrimo. Now, I generally participate in NanoWrimo – but I rarely if ever finish. The truth is I’m not a big fan of the layout of their site, the mass groupings, and to me, it’s just not very personal. Now don’t get me wrong, NanoWrimo is great! It motivates and prompts people to write their asses off! But, I’m more of an interactive person. I work full time, go to school full time, sleep part time, review books, write stories, and so many of the Write-Ins for NanoWrimo just don’t happen for me. (Of course that won’t stop me from trying again this year.) Their motivational posts by published authors also help, but with JunoWrimo – at least to me – there’s more of a sense of community.

If you have a Twitter account I highly recommend following @JunoWrimo on twitter. There are writing sprints, word mongers, and these wonderful ladies take the time to reply back to people individually, personalizing JunoWrimo and the motivation that comes along with it. I also very much enjoy the layout of their site, and the fact that they add little prompts into the tweets for the writing sprints. They also remind you to take breaks and stretch your legs. For someone like me, who has a million and one things to do during the day, but is still pursuing my dream of becoming a writer, this is perfect. I’m meeting new people, fellow writers, and truly enjoying this experience.

My suggestion – whether you think you have the time or not – sign up at www.JunoWrimo.com You may well surprise yourself at how much you get done with the support of this fantastic community. Also if you get a moment don’t forget to like them on facebook. 🙂


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