The Harlem Shake – Nuclear Med Tech Edition!

My husband, Brian, is currently attending Keiser University to be a Nuclear Med Tech.  He finishes up in June.  I’d like to explain that from his starting class, only he and one other person have made it to the end.  It’s not an easy field.  Most of the people in the video are upper classman, but they opted to let Brian and his classmate in on the video.  Kudos to Keiser and Mr. Neill for not only helping these guys to succeed in a great career, but to also let them have some fun in between. 

Without Further Ado – The Harlem Shake – Nuclear Med Tech Edition!!!

Brian is the one in the yellow vest in the back, the guy in the cowboy hat is their teacher Mr. Neill.  The girl in the tutu in the front is the only one who’s made it to the end from Brian’s starting class with him. 
HAZZUH!  You know you wanna laugh.

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