Farethee Well Women of the Otherworld. I Shall Miss Thee

It was in 2007 that I first picked up Dime Store Magic.  Little did I know, I was picking up a book that was actually the third installment of what would become one of my all-time favorite book series.  I was working at a bookstore at the time.  Lingering in the Sci-Fi and fantasy section was something I tended to do, especially when restocking.  I found so many gems while walking down those aisles, reading the backs of books that looked interesting or had a catching title.  Dime Store Magic was one of them.  I bought a copy, read the book – and then realized that Bitten and Stolen came before it.  I was happy that Kelley Armstrong was able to weave a story in a series that had enough information to be a stand-alone novel as well.
I was introduced to Paige, Lucas, and Savannah, the wonderful world of witches, cabals, and magic.  It took me a day and half to read.  After that I was scouring the net for information on the author and any other books she may have written. That’s when I found out that Bitten was the first in the series.  The bookstore I was working at also had it in the bargain section for $2.00.  So, I read Bitten, then Stolen, then the next book, and the next, until I was caught up and had to wait with the other fans in eager anticipation of the next book being released.  Armstrong intricately brought so many characters together in one world, and it was pleasure to meet all of them, following their adventures as they try to keep their magical existence a secret from the world. Armstrong didn’t create just one protagonist with supporting characters and stick them into a world.  She created a world with several stars and stories to tell. 
Picking up ‘Thirteen’ for the final hurrah left me with a feeling of dread and excitement.  There was no way that this book was going to be anything less than phenomenal, but at the same time, I knew it meant saying goodbye to so many of my favorite characters.  Watching Savannah grow from a little girl into an independent, kick ass witch who could handle her own was probably my favorite.  The reunion with her mother Eve was heartbreaking and finally seeing Savannah and Adam admit their feelings for each other had me cheering to the literary muses that spark Armstrong’s imagination.  It was action packed, with twists, turns, and cameos of just about everyone from previous books.   Riveting, full of emotional ups and downs, and ending that had everyone taking the next step in their lives, ‘Thirteen’ is perhaps one of the best series finales I’ve read.  
It’s always hard to say goodbye to people we care about.  Characters we’ve been following for years are no different.  Fare thee well you strong, independent, inspiring woman.  I shall revisit your stories often, and hope that Kelley Armstrong gives us a glimpse into your lives in the future.


One thought on “Farethee Well Women of the Otherworld. I Shall Miss Thee

  1. Maria Behar says:

    Hi, there! Thanks for following my blog, A Night's Dream of Books. I'm now following you back. I really enjoyed your excellent review of this novel. Now you've piqued my curiosity, and I'm going to look up this entire series!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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