Nervous Nelly

I’m entering a short story into a competition.  I’ve only done this once before.  I’m trying to be brave.  If I don’t at least try, well I’ll never know if I had a shot.  Besides, even if I don’t win, my husband says, “They don’t announce the losers, only the winners.”  This is true.  It doesn’t make me want to win, or get an honorable mention or something that says I’ve got a shot at being a writer any less. Granted, even if I don’t win or get a mention, it doesn’t mean my work sucks.  People write and rewrite, go through rejection after rejection, and still continue working at it, sweating over it, pouring their soul into the words on the page.  They create world and they don’t give up on it.  I’m not giving up on my stories either.  Though I am terrified of the Fiction Writing class I’m taking next semester. Fear of failing – it can be a dangerous thing.  It can hold someone back, keep them in their comfort zone.

I’m trying to step out of said comfort zone.  While the pillows are cushy, the temperature is perfect, and the out look is always good, staying in the zone may well hold me back.  I’ve got to push forward, I have to learn that it’s okay to fail.  If I don’t get the job it doesn’t matter.  If I get a rejection letter, I can learn from it.  Besides, what is success if you haven’t failed?  Without knowing the feeling of failure, can success truly be what’s it worth? It’s somewhat sweeter. Learning from failure, and knowing you succeeded because of it, that’s true triumph.

I had a few friends check over the story.  If it wins, awesome.  If it doesn’t, I’ll be more than happy to post it here.  Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean other people won’t.  I’ve got some great friends at work who are more than happy to check it over for me.  It doesn’t make me any less of a Nervous Nelly. (On that note, who remembers the Garbage Pail Kids? Show of hands?) Right, I’m getting off topic.

Wish me luck!


Step Into The Danger Zone

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