Delayed Post Due To Forgetfulness

So this was the post that was meant to go up two days ago.  Since then I’ve posted my article, gotten my grade back on my final (93%), written another blog post, and more.  Enjoy the now outdated blog post.

The end of the semester is coming up fast.  I’ve already completed my English II final, though the professor is making me wait with agony filled impatience to find out what I got on the paper.  I’m starting to wonder if college professors get some sort of twisted pleasure out of making a student wait for so long to find out their grade.  Maybe I’m just a little high strung.  It very well could be the case.  I’m so busy these days, it’s like sleep is a dream itself.  Tonight I may forego playing on the computer to unwind and just fall into bed.  It’s a very temping proposition.
The Academy (novel I’m working on) is coming along somewhat all right.  Some of the characters make me want to bash their head into a fictional brick wall.  Maybe it will crack their stubbornness so I can get them to do what I want.  Then again, when characters go off and do what they want, it generally means that they aren’t two dimensional, that they at least have some substance to them.  Hopefully, they’ll at least stick with me long enough so I can get this finished up.  Working full time + going to school full time + blogging + article writing + trying to write a novel = a busy freakin’ bee.
On another note, I just saw that Ernest Cline’s next book will be called Armada! It’s been picked up by Crown Publishing!  You’ll notice I already wrote one blog post on Ready Player One. It was a phenomenal book, and if Armada is anything like his first book, I’ll have it read in two days, and be pimping it out to the masses.  Looks like I just found my next article topic.

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